Disturbing Reason ‘RHOBH’ Fans Calling Lisa Rinna ‘Vampire’

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What is the disturbing reason why RHOBH fans are calling show alum, Lisa Rinna “vampire”? She has openly joked about the names that she was called during her time on the hit Bravo series. Yet, what is the meaning behind this one? Keep reading for more details.

Disturbing Reason RHOBH Fans Calling Lisa Rinna ‘Vampire’

When Lisa Rinna exited RHOBH after Season 12, it made sense. She had a rough season between her mother, Lois’ passing, and an incident with Kathy Hilton. It appeared she needed to take a step back to collect herself and decide if this was the place she wanted to be. Ultimately, it was not and, for Erika Jayne, that was a struggle as they were best friends. During her time on RHOBH, Rinna had been called many names like “schizophrenic,” “wanker,” and “stupid b*tch.”

Lisa Rinna/RHOBH/YouTube
Lisa Rinna-YouTube

Now, her own fans are calling her a “vampire” but what is the reasoning behind this nickname? Is it a nickname or an observation? A Reddit thread was just started based on the actress walking the red carpet. She has a lot of projects she is involved in. Not only has she been modeling but she had been taking part in different acting jobs. Rinna appeared in American Horror Stories and will pop up in an episode of So Help Me Todd. Additionally, she will star alongside her daughter, Delilah Hamlin in Mommy Meanest. Yet, it was the red carpet walk that caused a stir.

The moment this started to circulate and made its way to Reddit, RHOBH fans had a lot of thoughts.

  • Looks like really fresh filllers…hope that’s swelling bc she’s gone way overboard.
  • Villain chic
  • This is so sad to me. I always thought she was such a beautiful woman before all of the fillers
  • Altering your appearance to this extent is a mental illness. These people are not okay.
  • It’s very sad that people go to such lengths to look younger that they don’t realize they have gone overboard.

Other Comparisons

Redditors also compared Lisa Rinna to Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants and Billy the Puppet from Saw. Yes, they have grown used to her enlarged lips as they have been her staple for years. However, it just felt that she had gone too far when it came to fillers. It was also questioned if she had just gotten refreshed too soon prior to hitting the carpets. Therefore, it was even more noticeable and exaggerated. Some even confused her with her husband, actor Harry Hamlin.

What do you think of Lisa’s new look? Has she gone too far or have you grown accustomed to her constant alterations? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Helllloooooooo Donatello Versace. This is just creepy. Why would her stylest let her leave the house like that? What happens when you try “Keeping up with the Joneses”…or Housewives, in this case. This is the example she is setting for her daughter with body issues.

    I remember her as Billie on Days. She was so fresh and pretty and natural. Just age naturally. it is way more beautiful. Keep the lips…they scream YOU!!!

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