Lisa Rinna Shocks With Latest Nudie, Fans Disgusted

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Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna’s social media theatrics know no bounds. She, however, has left RHOBH fans both shocked and disgusted with the latest nudie she felt compelled to share with the world. What exactly did the reality TV personality post that has fans so upset? And, what are they saying about it? Keep reading for the details.

Lisa Rinna Shocks With Latest Nudie, Fans Disgusted

Lisa Rinna of RHOBH shared a shocking nude photo on her Instagram Stories recently. In a caption attached to the photo, she explained that a wise woman once told her that she should take as many nudies as she wanted and celebrate her body while she could. So, she did.

The photo appeared to be a full-body mirror selfie taken from inside a hotel room. Lisa Rinna stood in her birthday suit with an unkempt bedhead and a serious expression on her face as she snapped the photo.

Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna/Instagram

Now, the Bravo personality may have been letting everything hang out. But, she did use a few small brown heart emojis to censor her “goodies.” This shocking display of skin wasn’t too much of a surprise for Lisa’s followers, but that didn’t stop them from criticizing her for it on Reddit.

Sharing the photo on a Reddit thread dedicated to the Real Housewives franchise, one fan noted Lisa was “doing the absolute most.”

Bravo Fans Grossed Out By Lisa

Unfortunately, Lisa Rinna did not post the photo on her Instagram wall. She only posted it on her Stories. So, it would expire after 24 hours and fans couldn’t leave direct comments. That, however, didn’t stop fans from expressing their thoughts on the nude photo via Reddit.

Here’s what some of her followers had to say about the photo she posted:

  • “Has anyone ever been more desperate for attention? She is Kardashian x 100”
  • “Look I’m all for people taking naked photos for themselves. But these things do not need to be shared!”
  • “How Rinna looks nude should not be a factor in what we think of her as a person. I’m going to base my dislike of her because of her actions and not her appearance.”

For the most part, Bravo fans agreed there was nothing wrong with Lisa loving herself. And, there was nothing wrong with taking nude photos. Fans, however, argued that some things should be kept private. Many fans also wanted to clarify they were NOT attacking her appearance. They were simply attacking her gross behavior. Below is the Reddit thread where fans discussed the photo:

Lisa Rinna doing the absolute most 😂
by u/sinnerc in RHOBH

At 60 years old, do you think Bravo personality Lisa Rinna should stop posting nudies on her social media profile? Do you understand why posting these upsets so many of her followers? Or, do you think she should have the freedom to post what she wants and fans should get over it? Share where you stand on this debate with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.

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