‘Crime Cam 24/7’ Is Renewed For Season 2 With A New Twist

Sean Larkin Crime Cam 24/7 - YouTube/Fox Nation

Retired Tulsa Police Lt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin has returned to Fox for a new season of Crime Cam 24/7. While the show was popular, the second season will have a surprising twist for viewers. Keep reading to find out what will be new in Season 2, plus where and when you can watch.

What Is Crime Cam 24/7 About?

Crime Cam 24/7 is a 10-episode series that shows various different dramatic crime scenes. Usually, the footage comes from police dashcams and bodycams. It shows viewers how helpful cameras can be when it comes to putting criminals behind bars.

Sean Larkin Crime Cam 24/7 - YouTube/tulsaworld

Sean “Sticks” Larkin is a law enforcement expert who narrates the show. He offers different insights into the crime as the scene unfolds and provides updates on what happened to the victims and the criminals.

The Live PD alum has had a career in law enforcement for the last 30 years. Larkin retired as the supervisor of the Crime Gun Unit, but he worked on various assignments throughout his career, including narcotics, patrol, and gang-related assignments.

Season 2 Offers A New Twist On The Show

Sticks” appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the new season. The main difference between Season 1 and Season 2 of Crime Cam 24/7 will be where the footage is coming from. According to Sean Larkin, viewers will get to see camera footage from various new sources.

“You’re going to see things caught on police dashcam, body cam, but what’s different about this? We see surveillance cameras, cell phone cameras, home ring cameras,” he told the hosts at Fox & Friends.


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“The things that I love about this, [it’s] not just the crimes that you see. You see citizens themselves fighting back, holding these guys accountable,” Larkin said.

During his interview on Fox & Friends, there was a sneak peek of an upcoming episode. The clip showed a woman who entered a police station brandishing a gun. It seemed like her goal was to shoot through the bulletproof glass.

“She fires around at the door leading to the interior of the station. If she didn’t have the attention of officers before, she does now,” Larkin narrated the scene as it was unfolding.

Officers attempted to negotiate with the suspect, but Sean Larkin said viewers would have to tune in to see how things ended with this specific incident.

When it originally aired, Crime Cam 24/7 was the most-watched show on Fox Nation for two months. Lauren Patterson, president of the Fox Nation platform, said, “Sticks has been a wonderful addition to Fox Nation and we’re looking forward to carrying this momentum into season two.”

Season 2 of Crime Cam 24/7 premiered on March 29. New episodes come out every Friday at 6 p.m. EST. It is available to stream on Fox Nation.

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