Fans Compare ‘On Patrol: Live’ To ‘Live PD’ As Boring

Does On Patrol: Live Have A Flexible Retention Policy?

Fans are comparing On Patrol: Live to Live PD as boring but why are they saying this? They are still watching and live-tweeting the show but have some issues with it. So, what are the major problems and differences between OPL and LPD? Read on for more details.

Fans Compare On Patrol: Live To Live PD As Boring

When Live PD was canceled and headed over to Reelz, it was rebranded On Patrol: Live. Fans have seemingly become obsessed with the show, even tweeting their disdain when it went on a two-week hiatus. They took an unexplained break at the end of August through the beginning of September. Reelz tried to appease faithful fans by playing marathons and special episodes but they just wanted their new Friday and Saturday night episodes back. Special guests and surprises have come along but apparently, some viewers just are not feeling the new series and the turn it has taken.

On Patrol: Live-Facebook
On Patrol: Live-Facebook

A Reddit thread was started to discuss how Live PD was actually better than On Patrol: Live. The OP wrote this: “Is it me or does OPL seem way more tame than Live PD? I have been getting really bored with OPL. Lots of long, boring dialogue for mundane calls (loitering calls, noise disturbances, etc). It seems like the OPL crew rarely has high risk stops (such as felony stops), whereas LivePD has tons of action and drama.” So, did other Redditors feel the same way or do they like the show as it is?

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They wholeheartedly agreed with the OP saying that it was boring. One person even said it “sucked.” It seems that it lacks the action they have been looking for and craving. Another added that they were happy they DVRd it so they could fast forward through the parts they did not care for. However, one person had this to say: “Opl and live pd are the exactly the same show just different name and under a different contract.” 

More Excitement

Redditors are saying they simply just want more excitement from On Patrol: Live. This is what has been missing and it has been noted it is just a little too tame for their liking. As to whether or not production will listen to what the fans are saying and change it up a little but, that is yet to be seen. For now, there are those fans who really do love the show as it is.

Do you think that it has gotten boring since it was rebranded? Or, do you like On Patrol: Live just the way that it is? Let us know and watch it Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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  1. Was good now too much chit chat and people acting out when they see the camera. Nothing keeping me interested enough to keep watching. Convenience stores and tail light stops not interesting. We live the police though they are saints to continue in this vocation. God bless them all.

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