A&E Calls ‘On Patrol: Live’ Rip-Off Of ‘Live PD’

Dan Abrams On Patrol: Live [Park City | YouTube]

A&E claims On Patrol: Live is a blatant rip-off of Live PD. The network is suing Reelz for copyright infringement. In July 2022, the new docuseries premiered on the network. It’s received high praise from Live PD Nation as they became On Patrol Nation.

Viewers also noticed similarities between the two shows. Both of them follow police departments across the country that patrol the streets at night. Reelz says what makes On Patrol: Live different from the original is the community aspect with its citizen ride-along segments.

Live PD Logo [A&E | YouTube]
[A&E | YouTube]
A&E argues that they’re the exact same show. The cable network has been closely watching Reelz’s new series. They filed a lawsuit against On Patrol: Live for ripping off the original series.

Why did A&E cancel Live PD?

A&E canceled Live PD at the height of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. The show was dealt another blow at the time: the Coronavirus pandemic. It went on an extended hiatus for the safety of the crew members and law enforcement.

The BLM movement exploded after the death of George Floyd. There were questions about shows like Live PD and Cops promote “copaganda.” Ultimately, A&E canceled the series after FOX canceled the long-running series, Cops.

Host Dan Abrams wasn’t happy about the network’s move. He claims he was in the dark about it. The ABC News commentator was desperate to give the show new life. That’s when the concept for On Patrol: Live came when he pitched the idea to Reelz.

The network normally airs celebrity biopics and documentaries. They’re shifting their content to focus on docuseries like Live PD. That’s why they were on board with the idea of On Patrol: Live. A&E has a problem with the rebooted series and says that it’s the same show.

Why did A&E sue Reelz?

Per TMZ, the producers of Live PD are suing Reelz. They claim it’s the exact premise of the original series on the competing network. On Tuesday, August 30, TMZ obtained a copy of the lawsuit which argues that On Patrol: Live is a copycat of A&E’s top show. They’re asking for the judge to shut down the show and to pay any profits made from it.

Abrams hosted Live PD from 2016 to 2020. He was also the executive producer of the series. He gave the idea to Reelz, who went with it. Abrams hosts On Patrol: Live alongside Sean “Sticks” Larkins and Curtis Wilson. Reelz claims it ignored A&E’s warnings about the lawsuit and moved forward with the new series.

Dan Abrams, Sean Larkin, Curtis Wilson [Reelz | YouTube]
[Reelz | YouTube]
Now, the network is getting millions of viewers each weekend. A&E says Big Fish Entertainment, the production company behind Live PD, made the same show. They didn’t give Reelz permission to create On Patrol: Live. A&E is asking for money and for the new show to get canned.

Do you think A&E has an actual case? Do you think On Patrol: Live is at risk of getting canceled? What are your thoughts on the new series? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. A&E needs to go set down! They are just sore losers! They canceled and now there is a successful show that they could have had but decided to cancel. Their loss and Reelz gain!

  2. Seems like A & E is trying to lick their wounds from their decision to cancel Live PD. I think we’re all sick of hearing why Live PD and the line were cancelled. To contrary thoughts, Live PD and On Patrol show exactly what happens out on the streets in our cities. Dumbasses will continue to dumbasses rather these shows are on or not. I love what Dan, Sticks and Curtis have done with the backing of the REELZ Group. Carry on ladies and gents!

  3. If A&E hadn’t been so woke, LPD would have stayed on the air and they would have a couple more years of profits in the bank.

    Screw A&E.

    OP Live is better anyway.

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