‘Live PD’ Back From The Dead? Dan Abrams Teases A&E Show’s Return

Dan Abrams Tease Live PD [Screenshot | Dan Abrams Live]

Live PD became the top trending topic on Twitter on Thursday night. Dan Abrams hosted a special live reunion episode on his new show, Dan Abrams Live. In the end, he teased the show’s possible return. The host feels hopeful about second chances. He still feels that the show will be given new life.

During the special episode, several law officers from the show reunited to talk about the docu-series. They also gave an update on what they’re doing now and answered fan questions. Of course, fans wanted to know if the show is coming back.

In May 2020, A&E canceled the show due to the Black Lives Matter protests against racial injustice and police brutality.

Live PD reunion took place on Thursday night

Dan Abrams Live held a special live reunion on Thursday, December 2 at 8 p.m. ET. The reunion took place on the new network channel, NewsNation. Fans of the hit cable show got to see Dan reunited with his former panelists, Sean “Sticks” Larkin and Tom Morris Jr.

Officers Addy Perez, Andrea Zendejas, Danny Brown, Garo Brown, and Jill Marshall also reunited again. Dan Abrams hosted the hour-long special, which ended up trending in the U.S. on Twitter. During the special, the officers talked about their lives after the show and answered fan questions.

[Credit: Dan Abrams/Instagram]
[Credit: Dan Abrams/Instagram]
In September, Abrams announced his new primetime program. He made the move from A&E to NewsNation. Dan Abrams Live gives viewers a nuanced perspective about the major news stories of the day. Abrams and Larkin discuss them in an unbiased debate that doesn’t include finger-wagging or screaming matches.

But on Thursday night, Abrams wanted to focus on Live PD Nation. He wanted to give the fans a treat a little treat. The legal analyst gets an overwhelming amount of questions as to whether the show will ever come back. So, Abrams decided to give the fans a mini-reunion.

Dan Abrams feels “very good” about second chances

Most fans wanted to know if Live PD will ever come back. Dan Abrams addressed the fans’ concerns. He said that he feels the show will return at some point. Keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed yet.

“There are a lot of conversations going out about bringing the show back, and I still feel very good about its chances in the near term,” Abrams said at the end of the reunion special.

Live PD hosts
[Credit: Live PD/Instagram]
However, this isn’t the first time he’s felt confident about the show returning. Shortly after A&E pulled the plug, Abrams said he was in talks with producers to bring a revised version of the show back. But the network denied making any decisions.

Abrams feels that the show could provide insight into the decisions police officers make on a daily basis. He felt that the show was needed in a time of great racial divide and political division. Abrams said that the footage could help the public understand what police do and why they do it.

Live PD could return to another network

The ABC News analyst said that several networks have reached out to discuss bringing the show back in some format. Abrams has a good feeling about the show’s future. He also claimed that he doesn’t have that power. It’s in the hands of the fans as well as the production company.

“I don’t own ‘Live PD,'” Abrams explained. “I didn’t produce it. I was a producer, but not the production company. But, I’m feeling good about where we are, and every one of the conversations includes you. All your passion as part of the ‘Live PD’ nation is always part of the conversation.”

You can read Abrams’ full statement here. Did you check out the reunion special on Dan Abrams Live? Do you think Live PD will come back? Sound off below in the comments.

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  1. Live PD was never missed in our home, we love the show. Not only did it help us learn about laws in our country, we gained a much better understanding for the difficult duties our team in blue face every day. I would love to see the show back on the air as soon as possible.

  2. My grandkids spend Friday nights at my house. Live PD was our ritual. We want it back. The twins are seven and they asked me to call as soon as I find out when it returns. Evan said he doesn’t care what time it is, I have to call. Please come back

  3. I want live pd back. Was real!!-was true… Honest … Great to see officers interact with public and I wouldn’t want it any other way.. Bring it back!!!!!!!!

  4. I would love to see live PD back. For now I’m stuck watching cops. I keep hearing it’s coming back but we get no show A&E should be a shamed for taking there #1 show out of the tv show line up. I don’t watch A&E anymore. Until they bring back my show that channel is dead to me

  5. I sure hope they bring the show back. It was a staple in our home. Our whole family would watch this. I found that it was a little educational for my teen, as she is in the awkward stage of peer pressure and pushing boundaries. Will not watch A&E until this show returns to air. I am a police wife and will never understand how a few bad apples could cause so much hatred toward the boys in blue whom protect us. A majority of police are not like the media has portrayed and to say so is pretty biased.

  6. Our family never missed it.
    In my 60 years of watching TV shows, it was the only show on TV that was real. Still in shock that it was pulled

  7. PLEASE bring it back!!My husband and I never missed it!! Until then we don’t watch A&E– two can play that little game!! Or put it on a different channel- a channel with bigger kahoonas!!

  8. I just heard Live PD is coming back. Reelz is airing it this summer.
    I am so so excited that we get to have it back. Great News for sure.

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