‘Live PD’ Dan Abrams Promises ‘On Patrol: Live’ Will Be Different

Live PD Dan Abrams Promises On Patrol: Live Will Be Different [News Nation | YouTube]

Dan Abrams says On Patrol: Live will be different from the original series. It was previously announced that the top-rated A&E series Live PD was rebooted into a whole new show. The docuseries will follow various police departments across the country. On June 9, 2022, Abrams announced that he’s been waiting for two years.

The Live PD Nation team is back. However, it will be a different show on a different network. On Patrol: Live will premiere on Reelz on Friday, July 22 at 8 p.m. ET. In a new in-depth interview, Abrams revealed what makes this show different from its predecessor. He admitted that a lot of changes had to take place in order to make it happen.

Dan Abrams Explains On Patrol Live [Law & Crime Network | YouTube]
[Law & Crime Network | YouTube]

What is On Patrol: Live?

On Patrol: Live is the new show hosted by Dan Abrams. He makes a return alongside Sean “Sticks” Larkin, a retired Tulsa Police Department lieutenant. Abrams will also reunite with Live PD executive producer John Zito. Both Abrams and Larkin will be joined by their new co-host, Deputy Sheriff Curtis Wilson, a Division Commander with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia, South Carolina.

This series will follow seven police departments around the country and it will operate on a 5 to 30-minute delay. However, it will be different from Live PD. The focus is no longer on the men and women in uniform. It will shift onto the communities.

Sean Sticks Larkin Returns To On Patrol: Live [Law & Crime Network | YouTube]
[Law & Crime Network | YouTube]
For example, it will feature a new segment called “Citizen Ride-Along,” which Reelz says “will give local residents within the communities of the departments appearing on the show a first-hand perspective as they ride along with officers followed by On Patrol: Live cameras on live nights.”

In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Abrams explained the new segment. He said that the citizens are those who were fans of Live PD. They will report back to the studio to share which department they’re riding along with. The reason behind this new segment is “for them to ride with the police and then come back and talk to us about that experience.”

Former Live PD host teases what to expect

Also in the interview, Abrams teased what Live PD fans can expect from On Patrol: Live. Unlike the canceled A&E series, the citizens will get involved. It’s not about the police, but more so the people at the heart of the action. They found a way to “incorporate” the citizens into the show.

“They are part of what we think about every day. When thinking about this show, we’re thinking about the OP Nation, in terms of how they respond,” Abrams explained to Entertainment Weekly. “We’ll maybe read some comments from on [air].”

It’s his goal to make the fans feel a part of the show, more than ever. Like when Live PD aired live, they will watch closely on Twitter to see what the fans are saying. On Patrol: Live will also have the same heart and sense of humor. Fans can expect Abrams and Larkin to crack jokes on the silliest moments that happen live.

What are your thoughts on On Patrol: Live? Do you miss Live PD? Are you excited about the new series? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I loved Live PD. I never saw any racism or certain people singled out. The sence of humor of the hosts was great. I will definitely watch the new series. Hopefully it will come close to what Live PD used to be.

  2. I am so excited for this new show to air! I have my favorite nightgown and snacks picked out for the premier. I was so mad when the original show was canceled and have been fuming ever since as it ruined my weekend to have it gone. I am retired and this was my weekend joy. Love the Blue!

  3. Not sure how I feel about this new direction they are going with the show. When I heard it announced I figured it would be the same as live pd was. I am really hoping they dont far off the proven path too much.

  4. Loved this show!! Sticks is so HOT, glad to hear he’s coming back!! Live PD was the talk of the office every Monday especially because our county was featured on the show.. WE WANT LIVE PD BACK!!!!

  5. I’m really looking forward to the premier of “On Patrol Live”. The incidents portrayed on the original Live PD show revealed to the public what day to day life is like for our police officers. I honestly don’t know If I could get up every morning and take to the streets like these brave men and women do. Hopefully the events over the past two years won’t have a negative impact on the grittiness of the show, as that’s what made Live PD great. I was disappointed to learn that Tom Morris Jr. won’t be part of the new show. Hopefully Tom will make an occasional guest appearance.

  6. It would be nice to be able to watch the show. I’m super frustrated. An hour into the show time, REELZ on Dish in Utah is airing a Las Vegas Jail show! Grrrrr

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