NeNe Leakes Has No Problem With Classy Cheating

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Former RHOA star NeNe Leakes claims that she has no problem with cheating as long as it is done in a classy manner. So, what does she mean by that exactly and is cheating even a dealbreaker for her anymore? Keep reading for more details.

NeNe Leakes Has No Problem With Classy Cheating

For many years, NeNe Leakes was known as an original cast member of the RHOA. When the hit Bravo reality series first started, she and Kim Zolciak had an on-and-off spicy friendship. It would turn physical and then they were back on great terms. Unfortunately, Leakes accused Zolciak of being racist which became a hot topic. As time went on, they did mend fences. With all that is going on with Kim and her estranged husband, Kroy Biermann, Leakes is trying to be as supportive as possible.

NeNe Leakes-Instagram
NeNe Leakes-Instagram

Despite what the couple is going through, cheating allegations and cops called, Leakes has her own thoughts on infidelity. She is fine with it but there is a manner in which it must be done. According to TMZ, Leakes did an Instagram live with Carlos King. She was talking about cheating and shared that if a man takes his mistress away behind his partner’s back and the mistress never finds out, that’s respectful.

RHOA NeNe Leakes Instagram
NeNe Leakes-Instagram

So, essentially, if someone is going to cheat, do it with class and try not to flaunt the infidelity all over the place. NeNe Leakes also noted it is in poor taste to tell mistresses that they are the main person when that is clearly a lie. Carlos King did not necessarily agree with Leakes’ beliefs but eventually concurred. There should be no social media flaunting done by the mistress or contacting the partner.

What she had to say was not a hit with many people and for good reason. There was no way to justify cheating, respectful or otherwise. So, what is her current relationship status? She has been with Nyonisela Sioh for over two years now. Would she be okay with him hiding a mistress as long as she played by the rules?

Fans Disagree

Though many RHOA fans want NeNe Leakes back on their screens, they did not like what she had to say about cheating.

So, though she may make for great television entertainment, her life advice might be best kept to herself at this point. What do you think about cheating with class and respect? More so, is that even possible? Let us know in the comments below.

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