Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Seen On Rare Visit With Josh In Prison

Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar, Josh Duggar-Instagram/YouTube

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were seen out on a rare visit with their son, Josh Duggar as he is serving his prison sentence. The eldest Duggar child was sentenced to over twelve years behind bars for child pornography. So, what happened on the visit? Keep reading for more details.

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Seen On Rare Visit With Josh In Prison

When Josh Duggar was handed down his sentence, it was not such a big surprise for those following him. Though he filed an appeal, that was denied and he is expected to remain behind bars until 2032. His wife, Anna Duggar has seemingly stuck by his side despite his disturbing charges. Now, his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have come to see their son in the Texas prison. Per The Sun, Michelle was noted as looking quite slim but did appear to adhere to her husband’s dress code. The women must dress modestly which she did as she donned a “skirt and a blouse.”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar - Instagram
Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar – Instagram

By the same token, she may have wanted to look her best for her son when she finally got to see him. Regarding their familial visit, an insider had this to share:

“They were there for at least five hours. Josh likes to sit in the corners so we were too far away to hear anything, but there were lots of smiles and they were still in there when I left. They were dressed in normal clothes, like church clothes.”

Though the family had access to games to play, they opted to just have some snacks as they chatted and caught up. As for how the family was positioned during the visit, the insider noted:

“Jim Bob was leaned back with his arm across the chair, his wife kinda tucked into his side. Josh was leaning forward, which is different body language than when he’s with Anna and the kids.”

It had been about a month since Josh Duggar received a visit from his family. Before Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar stopped in, his brother Joseph Duggar and BIL, David Waller paid a visit on March 4th, 2024. His wife, Anna has apparently not been present for these recent visits.

Hot Water

A little over a year ago, Josh Duggar found himself in hot water for bringing contraband into his cell. He had allegedly snuck a cell phone in but inmates at that prison are given only one phone call per month. In any case, he did get to spend around five hours with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Hopefully, it was a good visit and it will be interesting to see who will stop and see Josh next.

Are you shocked that they came by and spent so much time with Josh? Do you believe they have forgiven him for what he has done? Or, are they just being loving and supportive parents? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. What kind of parents would support their predatory oldest son but neglect all their other children. Jim Bob and Michelle are a disgusting excuse for parents.

    1. Jim Bob and Michelle do not neglect their other children in favor of Josh. I am the mother of 2 adult sons. Thankfully they’ve never been in Josh’s position.
      However, I would never abandon one of my sons no matter what.! Parents love unconditionally. It doesn’t mean that they condone an action. It just means that he’s still their child. They love ALL their children.

      1. choosing to leave a predator in their house with his victims IS neglect. maybe you should stop drinking the Kool aid, take off the white Nikes, and read their daughters books. they abused and neglected those children and raised them in a CULT.

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