TLC ‘Unexpected’ Matthew Blevins Arrested Again

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Matthew Blevins arrived on TLC’s Unexpected in 2019 with a bio that showed he’d been arrested as a juvenile, and now he’s been arrested again. Actually, he previously ended up arrested at least one other time that fans know of. In January last year, fans heard that police arrested him in December of 2022 for charges related to 2nd-degree robbery, assault, and other misdemeanors. Read on to find out what crime he allegedly committed this time.

Matthew Blevins Is Not The Only Unexpected Star Arrested

TLC fans first met 16-year-olds Matthew and Hailey Tomlinson in Season 3. They arrived as a new couple alongside the likes of Max Schenzel and Chloe Mendoza. In that season, Unexpected fans saw that Chloe worried about Max getting arrested. However, he didn’t seem worried about it. Nevertheless, he eventually landed up behind bars. Notably, in February, Max was arrested again on charges of narcotic drugs and paraphernalia possession.

Matthew, Hailey 1/YouTube
Matthew Blevins, Hailey Tomlinson – TLC YouTube

Another costar of Matthew Blevins, Anthony Vanelli saw the inside of jail multiple times. He was the baby daddy of Rilah Ferrer. Other cast members who have been behind bars are Shayden Massey and Jason Korpi. Actually, fans agree that it’s sad that so many young parents end up behind bars. Sometimes, they still go ahead and make more babies. Matthew was one of them. Recall, that he managed to get Hailey Tilford, Hailey Tomlinson’s bestie, pregnant while Tomlinson expected her baby girl, Kinsley.

TLC’s Unexpected The Newest Arrest

@tlc.unexpectedteaa on Instagram shared the news about the latest arrest of Matthew. They shared his mugshot. In the text, fans could see 01/24 as a partial date, and the alleged crime was “Receiving Stolen Property,” a misdemeanor. The admin of the Unexpected site captioned the post with:

Looks like Matthew has gotten into some trouble 😬

Unexpected star matthew Blevins Arrested - Instagram
Unexpected star Matthew Blevins Arrested – Instagram

Matthew Blevins found a few supporters who think that the law seems a bit stupid because receiving stolen property is a crime even if you don’t know it’s been stolen. Meanwhile, other TLC fans slammed him. Here’s what some of those Unexpected fans said.

  • The charge of “receiving stolen property” is such a fckin bogus *ss charge. Idc what anyone says….if you don’t know it’s stolen how TF is that your fault?
  • if you receive property that has been stolen you also get in trouble, even if you didn’t know it was stolen 😅
  • And Hailey # 1 and Kinsley are living with him and his gf, right?
  • Not surprised.
  • And people were mad that Hailey #2 wouldn’t let him around her son!!

What are your thoughts about Matthew Blevins being arrested again? Do you feel that he’s had a run of bad luck? Or, do you think that he knew the property was stolen? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your news about Unexpected on TLC. 

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