Is Savannah Guthrie Finally Leaving NBC?

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Savannah Guthrie seems to be growing tired of everything that happens behind the scenes at NBC. The Today co-anchor has been making her rounds on talk shows to discuss her new book and it looks like it might be her first step away from the network. Keep reading to see what she revealed during her chat with Stephen Colbert.

Savannah Guthrie Addresses Ronna McDaniel Situation

The Today star sat down with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. During their conversation, Savannah Guthrie briefly addressed Ronna McDaniel’s scandal at NBC.

Ronna was fired from the network just one week after being brought on. She was the former Republican National Committee chairwoman and, evidently, there was an “internal revolt” at her being hired.

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When asked about the situation, Savannah Guthrie said that she would tell Stephen the “inside scoop,” but maintained that it was a pretty boring story. She stated that it was an “unpleasant few days,” and that there was “no question about that.”

The ordeal seemed to have gotten to the Today host though. She joked, asking Stephen Colbert if there were any openings at CBS.

More Projects Outside Of The Today Show

They spent the rest of the time talking about Savannah’s new book Mostly What God Does. Her joke about CBS hiring and working on her book are just two of the things she’s done away from the Today Show recently.

Savannah Guthrie has been spending more and more time on projects away from NBC. Earlier in 2024, Savannah was the cover star for Allrecipes. Before her face graced the cover, there was only ever food on the front of the magazine.

Hoda Kotb talked about the Allrecipes cover on Today. In addition to appearing on the cover, “She talks about her journey as an amateur chef. She shares Vale and Charley’s favorite breakfast recipes,” Hoda told the audience.

Fellow Today hosts Carson Daly, Al Roker, and Hoda all gushed over Savannah’s achievement. “No one’s more shocked than me,” she said.

She shared details of the experience on Instagram, thanking Allrecipes for featuring her on the cover. Savannah also shared some behind-the-scenes footage from her photoshoot for the publication.


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However, Savannah Guthrie isn’t the only one who has work projects happening away from the set of Today. Hoda Kotb has released two of her very own children’s books.

The first, titled I’ve Loved You Since Forever, was inspired by the birth of Hoda’s daughter Haley. Her second book, called Hope Is A Rainbow, was inspired by her daughter Hope who underwent a serious health emergency last year.

So, even though Savannah Guthrie is doing more away from The Today Show, there are no signs of her leaving any time soon.

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