‘Today’ Hoda Kotb Opens Up About Her 4-Year-Old’s Health Scare

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Today host Hoda Kotb has opened up about a serious matter regarding her 4-year-old daughter. The morning talk show veteran shared details about a terrifying health scare that landed her little one in the ICU, followed by an extended hospital stay, in 2023. She says the ordeal gave her a new perspective on life. Keep reading to see how her daughter’s health crisis has changed her outlook.

Remembering Her Daughter’s Terrifying Health Crisis

Hoda Kotb is the adopted mother of two girls, 7-year-old Haley Joy and 4-year-old Hope Catherine. She shares the girls with her ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman. Last year, she experienced every parent’s nightmare when her child was rushed to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit (ICU).

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At the time, she told viewers, “My youngest daughter Hope was in the ICU for a few days and in the hospital for a little more than a week and I’m so grateful she’s home.” Hoda told viewers that they were thankful to finally have her at home again, but that they were “watching her closely.”

She shared how grateful she was to the people who were there to help her out during the stressful ordeal. Additionally, she shared gratitude for the doctors and nurses at Weill Cornell. Hoda Kotb said that they were “amazing… and I’m grateful to my family and friends like you who were there every single day.”

Four-year-old Hope stayed in the ICU for nearly a week and Hoda said that, while it was terrifying, it gave her a new perspective. The Today host told The U.S. Sun, “It was a scary time. I’m learning a lot about myself.”

Hoda Kotb Says She’s Continuing To Learn As A Parent

She continued, “I’m learning my daughters are stronger than I ever imagined; I’m learning my capacity to love her has grown; I learned my older daughter is a better big sister than I could have ever imagined, and I also learned not to put my worry on her.”

The Today host said that she has decided not to express her concern in front of her daughters. “Kids are little and they don’t need scary-eyed mom looking at them like, ‘Are you OK?'” she said. Then she shared that Hope is doing well now.


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Rather than worrying over her 4-year-old daughter, Hoda Kotb has decided to channel her energy into something positive. She has written another children’s book titled Hope Is A Rainbow. It is the fourth children’s book that Hoda has authored.

She says that her daughter Hope is inspiring to her in so many ways. Hoda shared, “She’s a little child, but with a real kind of old spirit, an old soul. There’s something about her in how she sees magic in everything.”

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