Fans Criticize Abigail Heringer’s Appearance After Serious Post

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Abigail Heringer debuted on Bachelor Nation in Season 25 of The Bachelor with Matt James. She ended up engaged to Noah Erb after appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. The couple has been talking a lot about their home renovations but she took a break from that to discuss diversity. However, it seemed to backfire as fans changed the subject to discuss her appearance. What happened?

Abigail Heringer Has A Hearing Impairment

Like Daisy Kent from Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor season, Abigail Heringer has to use a cochlear implant to hear. She’s very open about having a cochlear implant and often shares details about being deaf on social media.

Abigail Heringer with Noah Erb, TikTok
Abigail Heringer with Noah Erb, TikTok

Unlike Daisy Kent, production didn’t make a big thing of Abigail Heringer using a cochlear implant. As she couldn’t hear very well, and relied on lip-reading a lot, she didn’t get involved in all the drama between the other women. This week she didn’t speak about her hearing loss but rather she spoke about diversity. The TikTok can be seen further down in this article.

Bachelor Nation Diversity Addressed

The message was long, and she talked about how only a few people with disabilities are featured on the show. The Bachelor in Paradise alum also said in part:

I think the biggest message with this video is that people like me really just want visibility on these shows…But where I think the show is missing the mark is they’re not letting these storylines or… the minorities of people with disability kinda just naturally share their story…It’s almost coming as tokenizing and that’s kinda how I felt after walking away from the experience.

Abigail Heringer carried on in the same vein for a while before ending by saying, “I think where Bachelor is missing the mark is they’re just not letting all these stories play out naturally….”

Abigail Heringer - TikTok
Abigail Heringer – TikTok

When the video arrived on Reddit, there were some intelligent discussions about diversity and whether the show needs to consider people with various impairments or disabilities. However, the moderators cautioned people because too many of them started body shaming and talking about cosmetic procedures.


Some thoughts 💭 (also dont know whats going on with the audio cutting out so sorry in advance 🫠)

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Hijacked By Body Comments

The comments about her looks from Bachelor Nation fans got bad quickly, so the OP threatened to remove the thread. They said:

I am considering deleting this post, this comments section is horrible.

Bachelor Nation Discussion About Abigail Heringer - Reddit
Bachelor Nation Discussion About Abigail Heringer – Reddit

Another reader responded to Abigail Heringer’s message, “Nothing could’ve prepared me for opening the comment section of a video making excellent points on disability representation and advocacy to see all of the comments dissecting her appearance. like truly what the f–k.”

Many of the worst comments about her looks were deleted, but a few of the not-so-bad ones from Bachelor Nation viewers remain:

  • I don’t follow her on social media and haven’t seen her since BIP, so if you hadn’t told me this was her I would not have recognized her.😱
  • I did not know it was her at all.
  • I didn’t recognize her.
  • Holy Lip Filler!
  • She looks like a completely different person?

What are your thoughts about people taking an important subject like diversity and turning the discussion into a way to talk about Abigail Heringer’s appearance? Do you agree with the OP that it wasn’t a nice thing to do? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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