Abigail Heringer’s Behavior: Cold & Guarded Or Poor Hearing? Bachelor Nation Fans Weigh In

Abigail Heringer/Instagram

Bachelor Nation fans are struggling to explain Abigail Heringer’s behavior. Is she cold and guarded or simply didn’t hear Noah’s declaration of love? Keep reading to see what Twitter had to say about the shocking BiP split.

Abigail Heringer fan-favorite after The Bachelor

Abigail Heringer was an instant fan-favorite from the time she got out of the limo to meet Matt James. The Season 25 contestant was upfront about her deafness.

If you don’t know, Heringer was born deaf but received a cochlear implant at a young age. Due to this, she sometimes feels caught between the hearing world and the deaf world.

She doesn’t consider herself Deaf with a ‘capital D’ because she didn’t grow up in the Deaf community. Despite this, D/deaf and hard-of-hearing people welcomed her with open arms.

Abigail didn’t find love with Matt James and went to Bachelor in Paradise hoping to find it there instead. Did she?

Credit: Abigail Heringer/Instagram
Credit: Abigail Heringer/Instagram

First deaf contestant quickly makes connection with Noah Erb on BiP

Abigail Heringer has the distinction of being the first deaf contestant on Bachelor Nation. Bachelorette alum Noah Erb went to Mexico with the idea of meeting, and possibly dating, Abigail.

The two quickly hit it off, having the first date night of the season.

During the ’80s-themed prom, the other BiP contestants voted Abigail and Noah as the couple most likely to last. Were they wrong?

Last-minute split sends SHOCKWAVES through Bachelor Nation

Throughout Noah and Abigail’s time together on Bachelor in Paradise, Noah was more than open about his growing feelings. However, Abigail was more reserved, admitting that she often guards her heart.

After Abigail didn’t return his declaration of love, Noah ended their relationship. But is it possible that she simply didn’t hear him? Twitter weighs in.

Twitter users defend Abigail Heringer against claims she’s cold and guarded

A huge misconception in the hearing community is that a cochlear implant is a magical cure for deafness. While a cochlear implant can help to hear, it doesn’t restore ‘normal’ hearing. Meaning the wearer often relies on social cues, visual cues, and lipreading to communicate.

During her time on The Bachelor, Heringer explained to Matt James that she uses lipreading to communicate. However, viewers noticed during the break-up that Noah wasn’t looking directly at Abigail, nor was she looking at him.

Comments about Abigail Heringer via Twitter
Comments about Abigail Heringer via Twitter

Therefore, Twitter users speculated – perhaps Abigail didn’t hear his earlier declaration of love or catch what he was saying to her. Several users pointed out people with cochlear implants typically have some type of auditory processing disorder.

Do you think Abigail’s communication issue is because of her deafness, or is she just guarded? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

She shared the good news on her Instagram that she and Noah reconnected after leaving the beach.

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