Jenn Tran’s ‘Bachelorette’ Filming Overseas, Why?

Jenn Tran/Credit: ABC YouTube

Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette will not film at the iconic mansion the show has used since 2007. The show is also heading overseas to film. What’s going on with all the changes? Keep reading for all the details.

Emergency Vehicle Spotted Outside Bachelor Mansion

Fans were alarmed earlier this month when photos popped up online of an emergency vehicle outside the mansion where the Bachelor franchise films its shows. The photos showed an ambulance with the number 118 on it. Some ABC viewers immediately recognized it as belonging to the fictional fire Station 118 from the hit show 9-1-1. The show just moved from Fox to ABC for Season 7.

To celebrate the big move, the show’s new home network plotted an unexpected crossover between the reality show and the drama that tells the stories of first responders. Season 28 Bachelor Joey Graziadei and the franchise’s host, Jesse Palmer, both appear in the upcoming special episode. Click here for details on the crossover event of the year.

Joey Graziadei and Lexi Young embrace outside the 'Bachelor' mansion/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joey Graziadei and Lexi Young embrace outside the ‘Bachelor’ mansion/Credit: ABC YouTube

Hundreds of contestants have entered the gates at the Bachelor mansion, but Jenn Tran’s suitors won’t. Her season is filming at a different mansion.

Jenn Tran’s Bachelorette Filming Overseas, Why?

Not only is Jenn’s season filming at a new mansion, much of it will be filmed overseas. Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve tweeted, “They are shooting limo entrances at a different mansion for Jenn’s season before they head off to New Zealand.

According to the spoiler guru, most of Jenn’s season will be filmed overseas, including locations in New Zealand and Australia. Hopefully, her contestants have read up on international travel as a contestant.  Jenn and her suitors will likely return stateside for at least the hometown dates and maybe more. The reason behind the mansion and location changes hasn’t been revealed.

Jenn Tran/Credit: ABC YouTube
Jenn Tran/Credit: ABC YouTube

However, Jenn Tran did share her excitement over her journey as The Bachelorette. Perhaps the show wanted a fresh start to go along with the historic moment. Jenn is the first Asian-American lead for the franchise, a move that earned praise from several Bachelor Nation alum.

Some fans aren’t quite as supportive. Many hoped runner-up Daisy Kent or bombshell Maria Georgas would be the next Bachelorette. Jenn Tran’s season will air this summer, followed by the first-ever Golden Bachelorette. The network has yet to name who will star in that.

What do you think about Jenn’s season filming at another mansion and then internationally? Sound off in the comments.

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