How Did Abigail Heringer Rise Above The ‘Bachelor’ Drama?

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When girl drama went down on The Bachelor, there was one face noticeably absent. Abigail Heringer didn’t take part in any of the bullying or gossip. In a new interview, she reveals if she is just that nice or if there was another reason. 

She also opens up about connecting with some of the other women in the house. 

How Did Abigail Heringer Stay Out of Drama? 

Multiple women were sent home early in the competition due to bullying allegations. At times, the house was quite toxic as the women argued with each other. Abigail Heringer was very rarely seen during the tension. Even fan-favorite Katie Thurston got called out at the Women Tell All for perpetrating some of the bullying against Sarah Trott. 

So, how did Abigail stay above the fray? 

Simple. She didn’t hear it. The show never addressed Abigail’s struggles with communication. As she told Matt James when they first met, she is profounding deaf. With the help of a cochlear implant, she can hear, but it’s the same as ‘normal’ hearing. She relies heavily on lip-reading. Screen Rant gives a deeper explanation on how cochlear implants work. 

During her time on the show, editing made it seem as if Abigail understood everything being said. However, during an interview with Deaf news show The Daily Moth, she explained that wasn’t the case.

Abigail revealed that she wasn’t “the most vocal” because she had difficulty following conversations. As many hard-of-hearing people will understand, she said, “I was trying to figure out where the voice was coming from, and then by the time I figured that out, then the next person would start talking.”

When Season 25 first started, there were almost 30 women living in the house. As the numbers dwindled, Abigail did find it “got easier” to communicate with the group. 

Matt James sent Abigail home during Episode 7, citing his stronger feelings for some of the other women. At the Women Tell All special, Abigail admitted that she had strong feelings for Matt. 

For Abigail, not being able to understand the drama was a “blessing in disguise.” 

How Did the Women Show Abigail ‘Acceptance’? 

Abigail Heringer was very nervous going into The Bachelor. After being stunned by getting Matt James’ first impression rose, she spoke out about ‘dating while deaf.’ She hasn’t had much luck in the past with finding men willing to accommodate her communication needs. 

So, it’s not surprising that Abigail didn’t know what to expect from a bunch of women she was competing with for Matt James’ attention. However, she found that many of the women were more than happy to help her.

She told The Daily Moth that the women were “willing to repeat things” for her. She would also “nudge somebody next” to her to get an explanation on what was happening. For Abigail, that kind of willingness is “the biggest form of acceptance” for her. 

Credit: Abigail Heringer/Instagram
Credit: Abigail Heringer/Instagram

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Matt James will hand out his final rose on March 15. The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC. 

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