‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Reveals Divorce From Mark On Her Mind

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Kelly Ripa shared quite a bit of information with Kyle Richards. This happened during a podcast the two of them were on together. The star of Live With Kelly And Mark told the star of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills about the concerns she has about her marriage to Mark Consuelos. Kelly Ripa went as far as to say she has thought about divorce.

Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos

These two talk show stars met while they were both members of the cast of All My Children. They were married in 1996. The couple have three children together. Ripa and Consuelos seem to have a happy marriage.

Ripa began her talk show career starring alongside Regis Philbin after Kathy Lee Gifford left Live! With Regis And Kathy Lee. After the death of Regis Philbin and many failed attempts at finding a suitable co-host, ABC made the choice to bring Mark Consuelos on to star along with his wife.

Kelly and Mark via YOuTube

Kelly Ripa Reaction To Kyle Richards Divorce

During the podcast, Ripa revealed she had a very strong reaction to to Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s divorce. She did not see that divorce coming and was shocked by it. Their divorce shook Kelly Ripa to her core.

“Oh my God! Is this going to happen to us?” Kelly Ripa asked Mark Consuelos after sending him the article about Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s divorce.

After seeing what appeared to be a happy marriage fail, Kelly Ripa became concerned about her marriage to Mark Consuelos. She took the opportunity of her time with Kyle Richards to ask her questions about why her marriage did not succeed. Ripa was hoping to gain some insight to keep her marriage from failing as well.

ABC - Live with Kelly and Mark - Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa
ABC – Live with Kelly and Mark – Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa

The Couple Seek Marriage Counselling

The talk show host revealed she and her husband had sought marriage counselling. This happened after their youngest child had left home. Kelly had been in counselling before. Mark Consuelos had never been in therapy before.

Marriage counselling for this couple was more of a preventative measure they both decided was best for them to take. Their lives became quite intense after all of the children had left home. ?We both said we don’t ever want to get into a crisis,” Kelly Ripa explained. Thankfully, their marriage appears strong. Both Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos seem to be quite happy and content with their lives.

Tell us what you think. Are you concerned about the possibility of a divorce between Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos? What are your feelings about using marriage as a preventative measure to keep a happy marriage going strong? Sound off in the comment section below.

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