John Mayer Denies Any Intimate Involvement With Scheana Shay

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After Scheana Shay alleged she had an orgy with John Mayer, he is now denying any intimate involvement with her. The Vanderpump Rules star has long talked about a history with the musician which recently resurfaced. Yet, it appears that they see things very differently. Keep reading for more details.

John Mayer Denies Any Intimate Involvement With Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay has no problems talking about the things that she has done in her past and the fun that she has had. She admitted to dating Eddie Cibrian, even though she later learned he was married. Additionally, she dated Jesse Metcalfe and sports figures when she was in her twenties. Recently, the question of threesomes came up on Vanderpump Rules and Scheana joked that her body was once a wonderland. She was insinuating that she and John Mayer had a past rendezvous which is not new news for anyone who has followed her.

Scheana Shay-YouTube
Scheana Shay-YouTube

Over a decade ago, Scheana was asked about hanging out with Mayer and she played coy. She explained he had come into the restaurant she worked at when he was dating Jennifer Aniston. Then, when he was single and she was newly out of a relationship, they started hanging out. Now, according to The Sun, this is apparently completely false. An insider who’s very close to Mayer shared this:

“John has told several people close to him that he never hooked up with Scheana. He knows that she has been telling people they hooked up well before the Vanderpump Rules episode aired and it’s gotten back to him. He’s very annoyed by the entire thing and wants nothing to do with her.”

Mentioning that Scheana had talked about this prior to joining Vanderpump in 2013, a video resurfaced from 2009 of her talking about him.

@coccacocca if y’all thought this episode was the first time miss scheana marie has talked about john mayer, hooooo boy were you wrong. she gave an UNCOMFORTABLY LONG interview to young hollywood in 2009 (TWO THOUSAND AND NINE) about dating him and my GOD. my god. give this interviewer a pulitzer. also fyi the jonas brothers thing she mentions is her role as “pizza girl.” enjoy. #johnmayer #bodyisawonderland #scheanashay #scheanamarie #bravotv #lisavanderpump #vpr #vanderpumpseason11 #vanderpumprules #pizzagirl #younghollywood ♬ original sound – christina

That was when she recounted meeting John Mayer when he was dating Jennifer Aniston. Then, she went into further detail about them getting to know each other and where they stood at the time. Per John’s insider, this may have been fabricated.

Stay Away

Additionally, John Mayer and Scheana Shay were at a party recently. Scheana’s Bravo bud and John’s bestie, Andy Cohen happened to be there, as well. However, John did whatever he humanly could to stay away from Scheana.

“Scheana and John were even at a party not long ago where Andy Cohen also turned up and he tried his best to avoid Scheana. She was trying her best to talk to John and even go as far as take a picture with him, but he shot her down. He was doing his best to avoid her all night.”

The alleged orgy happened between Scheana, John, and Stacie the Bartender from The Hills. Scheana and Stacie were living together but it appeared John liked her more so that became an issue. It does not seem to be an issue for John Mayer as he has no idea what Scheana is even talking about.

Do you think Scheana is lying about what happened with John or does he not want to admit they had a moment? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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  1. Scheana is a Mf’ing hypocrite! You broke up a marriage that had produced 2 children with what appeared to be ZERO regard of the the consequences to Brandi or her children. Now she’s bragging about an orgy supposedly with someone who treated her “body as a wonderland” with whom she claims to have met while he was in a relationship with Jennifer Aniston. This seems very on brand for a clout chaser. So, why after all of your misdeeds and blatant disrespect of other people’s relationships do you feel superior to Tom Sandoval? You have a daughter and husband who will never be able to NOT hear about your lapses (yes multiple) in judgment. What Sandoval did was wrong, but you claimed to be his friend. You also claimed that when you were faced with wearing your “scarlet letter “,he was the ONLY one who included you when you joined the show. People are human and humans make mistakes. Stop being an ASSHOLE by piling on.

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