Fans Mad At ‘Vanderpump Rules’ And Tom Sandoval Storyline

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Fans are not happy with Vanderpump Rules and the way they are pushing Tom Sandoval’s storyline. They feel as though they are making too much out of it and no one wants the whole season to be revolved around that. On the show, Tom is trying to make amends with everyone in the cast. He does not want any more bad blood. However, costars are having trouble due to Ariana Madix making it clear she will not have mutual friends with him.

Scheana Shay Tries To Mend Friendship

Scheana Shay was incredibly close with Tom Sandoval before the affair became public. However, she quickly had to choose a side when Ariana made it clear she would not be associated with anyone who still had ties with Tom Sandoval. He ruined a nine-year relationship and ruined a lot of friendships. The cast went to Lake Tahoe for a little getaway. During this, Lisa Vanderpump even tried to get the cast to say something nice about Sandoval. It seemed too forced. Then, on last night’s episode, Tom invited someone over to their house to have all of them work on breathing exercises. However, when Scheana was partnered with Tom, she had to leave due to the anger she had towards him.

Scheana Shay, Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Scheana Shay, Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Fans Are Not Happy

Fans are getting fed up with the amount of time spent on Tom Sandoval and him trying to redeem himself. They voiced their opinions on Bravo and the production.

  • “Did Lisa Vanderpump really sit with her team and say how do we get this Sandoval redemption arc to hit? Because these episodes have been so cringy. It’s hard to watch. Do better Bravo,”
  • “We are 2 min into the episode and we don’t need to see Tom ‘journaling.’ Stop with this ‘redemption’ arc.”
  • “Playing sad music when Tom is trying to be spiritual isn’t great either. Producers, do better, stop trying to force storylines.”
Special Forces World's Toughest test Tom Sandoval Spills Deep Feelings Doing No 2 Fox
Special Forces World’s Toughest test Tom Sandoval Spills Deep Feelings Doing No 2 Fox

It seems as though fans are getting fed up with how the season is going. The whole show revolves around Tom Sandoval and his affair. They also seem to be trying to force Tom to have all of these sad times to make good TV. However, it seems like Scheana is ready to be friends with Tom again. How is this going to work with Ariana? Will she quickly drop Scheana like she did Schwartz? Let us know what you think and sound off in the comments below.

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