Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why Her Friends Call Her ‘Dr. Aniston’

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Jennifer Aniston, who is fit as a fiddle at the age of 54, revealed why her friends call her Dr. Aniston. The actress also added that her parents inspired her health journey. She admitted that her parents had a few unhealthy habits that motivated her to stay fit. So, why do Jennifer Aniston’s friends call her Dr. Aniston? Keep reading to find out the details!

Jennifer Aniston Admits Her Parents Had Some Unhealthy Habits

The FRIENDS alum recently sat down with USA Today and revealed how her late parents propelled her dedication to health and fitness. In the interview, Jennifer revealed that her father died at the age of 89 in 2022 while her mother passed away in 2016 at the age of 79.

Jennifer Aniston YouTube

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She said, “God bless my parents who are no longer with us, but they were not the specimens of health. My dad still lived to be 89 years old, shockingly, but that’s probably stubborn Greek genes.”

The actress explained that after watching her parents’ health decline, she realized that it was time for her to prioritize taking care of herself.

Jennifer Aniston Always Looks For Ways To Improve Health

Joking about her passion for fitness, Jennifer Aniston said, “My friends call me Dr. Aniston. Just because I’m always up on the newest technology and wondering how can we improve our health in any way we can.”

Jennifer Aniston YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The Murder Mystery actress added that she has been staying on top of her health lately. She exercises often and focuses on pilates, yoga, meditation, and ensures a proper sleep schedule. However, she admitted that her fans love her youthful appearance.

She joked, “To hear people say, ‘You look like you did on Friends!’ Listen, a lovely compliment. But that’s a TV set they’re looking at.”

Jennifer Aniston Wishes To Thrive With Age

For Jennifer Aniston, the reason for focusing on health and wellness is to feel good from the inside out. She also doesn’t shy away from embracing aging and doesn’t favor getting a quick fix to look younger. Jennifer also noted, “If I tried to look the way I looked at 20, I would not really actually want to do that. It’s absolutely impossible.”

Jennifer Aniston YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

She revealed that she wishes for her body to get strong and as she gets older, she wishes to thrive and not deteriorate. The Echo Films co-founder admitted that everyone will get old eventually and is headed to the same spot. However, she asserted that one can take care of their skin and keep a healthy diet to lead a happy life.

So, what do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s enthusiasm for fitness? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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