Garrison Brown’s Death Provokes Fans To Shut Off TLC?

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Sister Wives fans heard that Garrison Brown died at his own hand, and now, they started tuning out. After the initial shock, some people naturally wonder if Season 18 was the last. But many people are not waiting for TLC to bring out any more episodes. Why is that? Read on to find out, because it goes deeper than mourning a promising young man.

Sister Wives Fans Hear More About The Death Of Janelle’s Son

Foul play was ruled out and the news arrived that his mom became very alarmed by out-of-character texts that he sent. While TLC fans looked up to him for standing up for his mom and siblings, they also knew him as a happy sort of person. But behind the scenes, he wasn’t. In fact, it was his mother who talked about him being less happy as time went by.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown, Garrison Brown - Instagram
Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown, Garrison Brown – Instagram

TLC fans have long slammed reality TV shows for allowing children to be filmed. Having watched Garrison and his siblings grow up on Sister Wives, it seems that those who call out the exploitation of children might have a point. Of course, those who tune in and watch keep the ratings going. So, the kids keep on coming. Certainly, it seems to be an unbreakable circle.

Garrison Brown’s Death – Guilt By Association

On Reddit, an OP shared how they found it too painful to watch any more episodes of the TLC show. The caption said:

I think I am done…It’s really the only reality show I have followed since the beginning and stuck with (off and on), but I think reality tv is over for me, especially if children are involved. Adults can choose to parade their lives in front of the cameras, but the kids have no choice. It’s clear that these kids were not only exploited, but they got little to nothing from it for themselves. There is a lot of trauma there and even the stuff that wasn’t show related got amplified on national television. It’s not healthy.


Sister Wives - Instagram
Sister Wives – Instagram

Sister Wives fans agreed that the show would be too hard to watch knowing Garrison Brown died. But, it also seems there’s an element of guilt. One member of the discussion said:

I will never watch again. I feel complicit.

Meanwhile, others find suicide very triggering, and they can only feel sad if they see more of the TLC show.

More Comments About Tuning Out Of TLC Show

While TLC fans feel terrible for the family of Garrison Brown, his death was just too much. Here are a few more comments:

  • I can’t watch again. I lost a cousin like this & it’s too triggering. I hope the Browns can heal & find some peace. It’s a long road and a forever road.
  • I’m not going to be able to watch after this tragedy. It’s time to move on, at least for myself. I’ve been thinking about Garrison for 3 days. It’s terribly tragic and sad.
  • I’m personally not going to watch just because I know I’m part of the problem because I watched every season from the beginning and also guilty of investing time to bash Kody and Robyn. I wish the whole family peace and pray they find a way to heal from this especially Janelle, Kristine, (sic) and the 11 of their children.
  • The show has become very, very depressing over the years. So tired of Kody letting his kids down and verbally berating them every season. It’s not healthy for me to watch this as entertainment. So I don’t think I’ll be watching either. I don’t want to see the kids suffering and crying on tv. This has been one of the most disturbing events I’ve ever seen in relation to reality tv and how it can potentially impact a person’s life. I hope Garrison rests in peace.
Sister Wives Show Discussion - Reddit
Sister Wives Show Discussion – Reddit

What are your thoughts about continuing to watch the TLC show since Garrison Brown passed away? Do you feel a bit guilty about watching a reality TV show with children in it? Will you ever be able to watch another episode without crying? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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  1. I will not be watching this show any more, and to think that the family and TLC would further exploit Garrison’s death by making money related to filming “the aftermath” of this tragedy is sickening. We’ve seen enough of Kody’s bad behavior. Time to end the show – now.

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