Is Sister Wives Ending After Season 18?

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Sister Wives fans really thought that TLC might cancel the show after season 17, so is Season 18 likely to be Kody Brown’s swan song? People had hoped for spinoffs about Janelle, Christine, or even Meri after they all announced their departure. Notably, the show was originally about polygamy, and Kody and Robyn being monogamous doesn’t fit with the premise.

Sister Wives Dragged out Christine’s Storyline For Three Seasons

Clearly, TLC knew that multiple marriages were on the rocks long before viewers heard about it. So, they dragged out Christine leaving through Seasons 16, 17, and now in Season 18. Can they milk that cow any further? Of course, there is speculation that Robyn and Kody, might try and find another wife to keep the show going. Or even worse, that they might convince Janelle to return.

Sister Wives fans were disgusted when the show premiered because Meri still seemed heartbroken about not being accepted by Kody, She’d probably rush back in a  flash. However, Kody seems done with her. Mind you, the first episode was more like a reunion with lots of old footage. Actually, it almost seemed as if the network couldn’t be bothered to put too much effort into the new season. That’s despite the execs deciding the family still has a lot to bring to national TV.

Sister Wives Spinoffs Replace Season 19?

Cooking With Just Christine Season 3 already premiered. The preview revealed that Janelle joins up with Christine in at least one episode. Well, according to The Sun, TLC might watch and see how fans react to that. A source told the outlet, “Christine’s spinoff is a test to see fan reaction.” Apparently, the network execs want “to see if people truly want to have a spinoff series on Christine and Janelle.” Obviously, people do, but it’s not clear that a cooking show will rock the ratings.

Sister Wives Ending After Season 18 TLC YouTube Cooking With Just Christine Spinoff
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Apparently, if viewers respond well to the spinoff, “then it’s practically guaranteed that this will be the last season of Sister Wives.” Quite frankly it seems that TLC fans on social media would rather see a spinoff for David Woolley and Christine. And, as she’s also popular, why not get Janelle involved? Further leaks suggested that the only way there will be a 19th Season is if Kody and Robyn find “another wife.” But that goes against Chris Poole saying, “Nobody’s disappearing from the show.

Kody Claims No More Wives

Sister Wives fans saw that ahead of the premiere. Kody came over as a reformed man. Describing how he plunged to rock bottom, he felt that all he wanted was to find a place of “forgiveness… peace and grace.” At the time, he said that he certainly wasn’t considering looking for another wife. Fans didn’t believe him, as he sounded like Mr. Purity himself. The trouble is, even if he finds another wife, do viewers still want to watch him, and Robyn?

What are your thoughts? Do you think that season 18 might be the last season of the show? Shout out in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t like Kody or Robyn so I wouldn’t watch it. As far as cooking with Christine and Janelle well that’s just not my cup of tea. I might tune into either of them, for a few minutes and only if absolutely NOTHING else is on but I’m going to say this is probably my last season.

    Good luck Girls, I think you made the right choice!!!

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