Mama June Shannon Spills Anna Cardwell’s Repeated Desire

Anna Cardwell, Mama June/IG, YouTube

Mama June: Family Crisis covered the death of Anna Cardwell, and now, June Shannon revealed her often repeated words before she died. WeTV fans saw that despite a lot of arguments about Alana’s college, Anna, affectionately known as “Chickadee,” seemed to enjoy her time with the family after her terminal cancer diagnosis. So, they heard her repeatedly talking about a desire.

Mama June: Family Crisis Star June Shannon Reunited With Anna

Anna Cardwell and her mom had been at odds for years after June’s boyfriend, Mark McDaniel allegedly abused her. So, some WeTV fans like that before she passed away, Anna got to spend time with her family. In the latest season of the show, fans saw that she married her long-time boyfriend, Eldridge Toney, and the family attended.

Mama June Shannon Youtube
Mama June Shannon YouTube

June Shannon missed much of Anna’s life, but she was there to witness the wedding. More scenes arrived of Anna spending time with her siblings, and near the end of her days, they all went on vacation together. The news about the trip came from Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird via social media. At the time, she said that they needed prayers. Not long after that, Chickadee passed away.

¬†WeTV Star Talks About Anna Cardwell’s Repeated Desire

Mama June: Family Crisis fans might be interested to know what was on Anna’s mind before she died from cancer. Speaking with People this week, her mom spoke about the family vacation to Gatlinburg in late November. In her interview, she said:

We went to Gatlinburg. That’s where she wanted to go. We went there the last week of November…I kind of knew something was up when we was in and out the last couple of days, but we adored our time….Once she came back here …they was just telling us that she was starting to transition, which I just thought it was because she was out from the trip and stuff like that…

Anna Cardwell-Instagram
Anna Cardwell-Instagram

June Shannon also mentioned that times spent together doing things as a family was something that Anna Cardwell wanted. According to her mom, she never stopped saying things like, “I want to spend more time with family. I want to spend more time together.'” So, as a family, they did all they could to make it happen. Now that Anna has passed, her husband and her children at least see each other.

What are your thoughts about Anna Cardwell constantly talking about wanting more time with her family before she passed away? Does it surprise you? After all, the WeTV star was very young, and she previously missed many years in the company of her estranged mother, June Shannon. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Mama June: Family Crisis news.

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