Mama June Fans Question What Justin Is ‘King’ Of

Mama June, Justin Stroud-YouTube

Mama June Shannon fans are questioning what her husband, Justin Stroud is the “King” of. They have noticed that he has branded himself but do not understand why. So, what exactly are followers saying about Stroud putting himself on a high horse? Read on for more details.

Mama June Fans Question What Justin Is ‘King’ Of

When Mama June Shannon met Justin Stroud in Alabama, he was the friend of a guy she was talking to. More so, he was in some legal hot water but they were in recovery together. She brought him back to Georgia and her girls were very skeptical. Additionally, she was all about fixing him up, getting him a new smile, and making him look the best he could. In return, he would drive her around but Pumpkin just saw him as nothing more than a young Sugar Bear. They secretly tied the knot and then decided to have a lavish wedding in Florida though June was not on good terms with her girls.

Mama June-YouTube
Mama June-YouTube

She showered him with gifts while he set her straight plus he would wash her hair and do her nails. Additionally, June never hesitated to buy him bling. Fans have noticed one of the necklaces that he wears says “KING” on it. They started a Reddit thread to address it with the OP writing this:

    • What does everyone think about the neck chains this guy wears? I don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain it to me. He is definitely NOT a King to anyone. June pays for everything. The King necklace is annoying and the chains get bigger and more expensive every week.
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So, what did fellow Redditors have to say about Justin’s excessive bling and his thinking he is a “KING”?

  • He has to replace the king necklace every time it tarnishes and turns green. 😂 He probably has them on auto-order from dh gate or Temu.
  • He is absolutely with June for all the wrong reasons!
  • They are gaudy and ridiculous. He’s just trying to look like he has money, but in reality just looks like an idiot 🙄.

Mama Paid

Some Redditors pointed out that Justin Stroud wanted people to know that Mama June took care of him. That she was the one who gifted him:

  • He’s just letting everyone know that June bought that stuff, with her show money, and he’s part of the show. He was at the right place at the right time. 😆

Remember, it is his show, too and he feels that everyone should have the same mentality. What do you think of the necklaces? Absurd or perfectly on brand for him? Let us know and watch Mama June: Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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