Mama June Allowed Abuse, Welcomed Back To TV?

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Fans are wondering how Mama June Shannon openly allowed abuse but has been welcomed back to television. She had been involved with a sex offender, Mark McDaniel, which caused the demise of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. She is still kicking again in reality TV and people cannot help but wonder how she has made a comeback after all the wrongdoing. Read on for more details.

Mama June Allowed Abuse, Welcomed Back To TV?

Back when Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled, it was due to Mama June dating Mark McDaniel. He was a registered sex offender who she had been with years prior. At the time, June had this to say, per E! News: “Just got a phone call this morning from TLC and as of right now there will be no more production of the show. The statement of me dating a sex offender is totally untrue.” She had shared this via a video on her Facebook. McDaniel had been behind bars for ten years and they supposedly linked up after that.

However, when June’s eldest daughter, the late Anna Cardwell was a child, she claimed he would try to touch her inappropriately. Now fans are trying to figure out how June can still have a show after she allowed such horrid abuse. A Reddit thread was started with the OP saying this:

How is mama June legally allowed on TV after what she let happen to Anna?
byu/dollydaydream864 inMamaJuneFromNotToHot

Alana Thompson, Mama June, Pumpkin/Instagram
Alana Thompson, Mama June, Pumpkin-Instagram

They could not believe that Mama June put her daughter through all of this and is still allowed on television. So, did others agree with this?

  • I still worry Alana was also his victim especially that picture of him and Alana together in bed with June nearby 🤢
  • Pumpkin was his victim too. She was two years old forced to watch and this happened all during summer and after.
  • I always wondered that myself! I don’t think there’s a legal way to keep her off the air, but it always blew my mind that a network would sign her after why she was fired by TLC.

All About The Money

In the end, one Redditor noted that it was all about the money. They shared that as long as Mama June and her family were making cash for a network, what happened in the past did not matter. It was also pointed out how much viewers really adored Anna Cardwell. More so, how she tried her hardest to distance herself from the family. Sadly, she ended up with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma and passed away in early December 2023. Hopefully, nothing like this ever happens again.

Do you agree that Mama June should not have a platform on television after what happened? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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