Jax Taylor Hurled Hideous Insult At Wife Before Split?

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Vanderpump Rules alum Brittany Cartwright is taking a break from her husband of four years, Jax Taylor. Some Bravoholics think the couple faked their split for attention, but is a hideous insult the reason behind the split? Keep reading for all the details on the shocking rumor.

Vanderpump Rules Star Berates Fans

Brittany Cartwright dropped the separation news on her and Jax Taylor’s When Reality Hits podcast. Just a few hours later, her estranged husband publicly refuted her, saying they were back living in the same house. However, she was caught days later looking ragged while moving into a rental home.

Now it seems Jax Taylor is taking the split out on his fans. He took to Twitter to share his thoughts on everyone chiming in on his marriage woes. “Everyone’s a fu**ing marriage counselor now…,” he tweeted. He included a clown emoji at the end of the diss.

Jax Taylor-YouTube
Jax Taylor-YouTube

Jax Taylor Hurled Hideous Insult At Wife Before Split?

Despite Jax’s rant against advice, one fan had some to give. “Well jax owning a bar is NOT Conducive to a happy family. Take it from me, I know,” they wrote. Bravo fans have speculated online that Jax’s new bar could be behind the split. The Vanderpump Rules alums opened the Jax’s Studio City sports bar in late 2023.

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However, there’s a new rumor circulating the internet as to why Jax and Brittany separated after less than five years of marriage. The couple wed in 2019 in Brittany’s home state of Kentucky. The wedding aired on Season 8 of the Bravo show.

They quit the show after Season 9 amid rumors they were let go for Jax’s controversial comments online. However, they will return to Bravo soon on a new show called The Valley.

According to the Bravo Instagram fan account, The Bravo Investigator, comedian Tammy Pescatelli spilled major tea about Jax and Brittany’s split. The comedian claimed on a podcast that Jax hurled a hideous insult that made his wife leave. What did he allegedly say?

Rumor has it that Jax told Brittany that he was no longer attracted to her after her weight gain. Long-time VPR fans didn’t find the allegation very surprising.

One wrote on Twitter, “He told Faith that long before they were even married. He never could stand her.” Jax infamously cheated on Brittany with co-star Faith Stowers in 2017.

What do you think, Bravoholics? Could Jax’s alleged hurtful insult be the reason Brittany Cartwright moved out of their shared home? Sound off in the comments.

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