‘Vanderpump Rules’ Alum Jax Taylor Set To Open Sports Bar

Jax Taylor-YouTube

Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor is opening up his very own sports bar which is actually perfect for him. Not only does he love sports (remember his alleged hockey job?) but he was a bartender at SUR. There will be some special foods served at the bar, one that fans will be quite familiar with. So, what’s the name and what is one special dish? Read on for more details.

Vanderpump Rules Alum Jax Taylor Set To Open Sports Bar

When Jax Taylor learned that Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval were opening up TomTom, he struggled. Then, he supposedly got an offer in Florida to work in hockey. His biggest issue was that he did not want to be a bartender forever and he did not have anything to fall back on. Unfortunately, his track record of opening up new businesses was not the best and his co-stars called him out on this. Ultimately, he did not go to Florida and stayed at SUR. Actually, he left the restaurant lounge and then inherited some money after his father passed.

Jax Taylor-YouTube
Jax Taylor-YouTube

Then, he needed some funds so Jax Taylor was back behind the bar. Eventually, he and his wife, Brittany Cartwright left Vanderpump Rules after Season 8. Taylor invested some money into Randall Emmett’s films but they never came to fruition. He and Brittany had some endorsement deals but saw a resurgence during ‘Scandoval.’ They landed a show on Peacock and a podcast plus a custom clothing line. Now, they will be on a Pump spin-off that was originally slated for 2020 and he is opening up a sports bar.

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright/Vanderpump Rules/Instagram
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According to Us Weekly, Jax Taylor shared all of the details on his podcast. He explained this: “I am opening a sports bar. It is going to be called Jax’s Studio City. We started construction on Monday and I am really excited. We are finally going to have a neighborhood sports bar.” Additionally, his wife will be 100% involved in all of the decisions and a piece of her family will be on the menu. Yes, they will be serving the infamous Mamaw’s Beer Cheese.

Keeping The Marriage Alive

Jax Taylor has apparently said that owning a bar will end a marriage. This proved to be true when his best friend, Tom Schwartz went and opened his second one with Tom Sandoval. Along with TomTom, they have Schwartz & Sandy’s which became an obsession. Schwartz’s wife, Katie Maloney was a great resource but she and Sandoval butted heads. Therefore, she went and did her own thing and their marriage crumbled.

Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval/Instagram
Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval-Instagram

Clearly, there was more to it but the bar did not help. However, Brittany will be decorating their bar and she noted that her hubby won’t be there day and night. As for the beer cheese, this is her grandmother’s recipe so they will fly her out to make it and craft the recipe for fans who want to try it.

Are you excited to stop by Jax’s new spot? More so, do you want to try some beer cheese? Let us know in the comments.

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