Mama June Shannon Lied About Raising Kaitlyn, Paid To Pretend

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Mama June Shannon was caught lying about raising her granddaughter, Kaitlyn. More so, it seems her daughter, Anna Cardwell was paid to pretend like she needed her mother to survive. So, what is the truth? Read on for more details on this sad situation.

Mama June Shannon Lied About Raising Kaitlyn, Paid To Pretend

When Here Comes Honey Boo Boo came out, it was all about a trainwreck family with a beauty pageant little girl. Mama June Shannon was the pageant mother to Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. She also had three other daughters, one of them being Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell. During her time on the show, she gave birth to her first daughter, Kaitlyn. It seemed like a group effort raising the little girl as Anna was just a teenager when she became a mother, something June could relate to. Now that Anna is sick on Family Crisis, there are custody questions about Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook
Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

June claimed that she had helped raise Kaitlyn when Anna was too young to do so. However, fans noticed that was not necessarily the case and took to Reddit to dispute June’s claims. So, Kaitlyn was born in 2012, the same year the HBB came out. Then, the following year, Anna began dating her now ex-husband, Michael Cardwell with whom she has her second daughter, Kylee. The OP also pointed out this:

  • First off Anna only moved back in with June when she was pregnant for the show, she was promised money which she never got from June anyway.
  • During this time where June was supposedly taking care of Kaitlyn, she also started hanging around the guy that molested Anna.

So, what did followers have to say about the contradictions to Mama June’s claims of raising Kaitlyn?

  • she’s only getting away with that because there’s actually alot of people who don’t know that far back.
  • June is so disgusting!!
  • Oh yeah, I totally remember when she moved to Alabama and how sad Alana was about it and how June was complaining that she was moving so far away.

The History

As some mentioned, there are a lot of fans who do not know the history of Mama June and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Therefore, they will believe what she says and take it as gospel. However, there are fans who know that the proof is out there. Currently, Anna Cardwell’s ex-husband, Michael is fighting for custody of Kaitlyn. There have been videos of Josh Efird and Justin Stroud lashing out at Kaitlyn which viewers feel should be enough to have her removed. Time will tell what will happen with that situation but hopefully, she goes to the best place possible where she can thrive.

Do you remember Mama June taking care of Kaitlyn or do you think it was all for a storyline? More so, do you think June believes her own delusions? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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