‘Bachelor’s Daisy Kent Describes ‘Loneliest Pain’

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Bachelor contestant Daisy Kent went to Instagram to share what she describes as the “loneliest pain.” Daisy began losing her hearing when she was only 15 years old. Now, she is an inspiration to others. However, it doesn’t mean there have not been dark times for her. What did she share with fans? Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent Describes Lonely Pain She’s Felt

Bachelor front-runner Daisy Kent is opening up about the loneliest pain she’s felt. She went to Instagram to share her feelings. Daisy has become an inspiration to others as she navigates her new world of hearing with only her cochlear implant.

Daisy lost her hearing after contracting Lyme disease. She endured years of being ill and not knowing what was causing it. After hearing fine for 15 years of her life, things began to go silent.

On Instagram, she shared a photo of her holding her children’s book which has helped so many and began her long, emotional caption. She said, “I was told once that God was doing something special with me and that there was no doubt one day my ears would pop and I would hear. Losing my hearing has been the loneliest pain I have experienced. I pictured myself in a glass box since I was 15 and I’m pounding on the walls screaming and terrified. People are looking in at me and they can’t hear me. I can’t hear them. I am alone with one of the most dangerous things – my thoughts.”

Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram
Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

She Continued To Talk About How She’s Changed

Daisy Kent went on to talk about how she was so confused and “pissed off.” She said she didn’t understand how God could take away something from her that she loved so much.

However, losing her hearing changed her. It helped her connect more and love more. Losing her hearing helped her fall back in love with herself. She said, “I was this little girl who grew up and on the way lost herself and who she so badly wanted to be. I realize now I didn’t lose her, I was just a girl who was kind to everyone but herself.”

She now knows that God let her break down so he could help build her back up. Daisy said she used to go bed scared of what the next day would bring, but now she is excited and not scared anymore.

Daisy Kent
Daisy said, “Big decisions can’t be made out of fear, they have to be made out of love. So I made it out of love and the best possible outcome, I made it through faith.”

While she still doesn’t understand why this happened to her, she is learning that it is leading her to her purpose in life.


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She concluded her lengthy post by saying, “Getting a cochlear implant has been well painful, exciting, new, confusing, funny, strange, difficult, frustrating, and beautiful. I wake up learning new sounds every single day. God is working through me in ways I never thought He would. The glass box is still there, but the roof is open and rain is falling down on me. It’s quite peaceful, quite magical. I am finding the beauty in all the unexpected things.”

Daisy continues to gain tons of fans and followers. She has become a beacon of hope for many.

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