Daisy Kent Claps Back At Rude Fan Over ‘Vocal Fry’

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Bachelor fan favorite Daisy Kent clapped back at a rude internet troll when they made a comment about her “vocal fry.” The front runner for Joey Graziadei’s heart said she receives a lot of comments about her voice. She usually blocks it out but now she felt compelled to speak. What did she say? Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent Claps Back At Troll On Social Media

Bachelor contestant Daisy Kent clapped back at a troll on social media after they called out the way she talks. She said usually she does not respond to negative or rude comments but this time she wanted to. Daisy included one of the many comments she’s received about her voice. This person wrote, “How can y’all listen to that vocal fry.”

Daisy replied, “I know I don’t have to explain myself but I do have a cochlear implant, which is how I hear. And I can’t always tell exactly what my voice is sounding like. I can’t always tell if I’m being loud or if I’m being quiet, or if I have a vocal fry or if I don’t.”

Just like anyone else, hearing rude comments makes a person question themselves. As for Daisy, she is no different. She said it makes her sad when people say rude things like that because then she questions what she sounds like.

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Daisy further explained, “And it is sad because losing my hearing and getting a cochlear implant is something that really affected my confidence. And the show, all of the producers, all of the cast, it was such, like, a confidence builder for me and everyone was so supportive of me.”

She said it’s unfortunate that people comment rudely and make others question themselves.

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Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube

How It Makes Her Feel

Daisy Kent went on to say that she is human and her feelings do get hurt. However, she is extremely grateful for the fans who lift her up and remind her to be proud of how far she’s come.

She said, “My voice is not something I can always tell & these comments do hurt because I am human. Overall, they remind me how proud I should be for doing something & sharing a vulnerable part of me.”

She gave an example of a young teenager writing her telling her that seeing her on The Bachelor gave her more confidence. Daisy reminded everyone to be kind.

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Daisy is still adjusting to using her cochlear implant so she is still learning sounds. She didn’t realize it would be so overwhelming walking into the mansion with so much going on around her.

What do you think of Daisy clapping back at the troll on Instagram?

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