Daisy Kent Finds It ‘Hard’ To See Joey Graziadei With Other Women

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Daisy Kent is the fan-favorite to win Joey Graziadei’s heart, but in a new video, she admits it can be ‘hard’ to see him with other women. Keep reading for all the details and how Bachelor Nation fans took her by surprise.

Daisy Kent Makes Light Of Her ‘Boyfriend’ Dating 15 Other Women

Season 28 of The Bachelor is halfway to the final rose ceremony. If you ask Bachelor Nation fans right now, they would likely pick Daisy Kent as Joey Graziadei’s future wife. Viewers will have to wait for the dramatic finale next month to see if fans are correct.

Daisy Kent took to her Instagram to joke about the unique dating situation she’s in. She shared a video of her walking to a departing plane. “Gonna go see my boyfriend,” she wrote on the video.

“who has 15 other girlfriends who r my friends,” she added in the Instagram caption.


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But She Admits It’s ‘Hard’ Sometimes

Daisy Kent can clearly see the humor of her situation, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult sometimes. She shared another video ahead of this week’s episode. The San Diego State University grad admitted to taking a break from social media, calling it “overwhelming at times.”

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Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube

She encouraged her followers to watch the episode but felt it was important for them to understand a few things. First of all, she let everyone know that she was watching the episode for the first time, just like everyone else.

She called that “fun and exciting” but also confessed to the downside. Daisy admitted it was “really hard” to “see everyone’s feelings developing” and also to watch her friends get hurt.

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Joey Graziadei and Maria Georgas/Credit: ABC YouTube

Daisy Kent Addresses Social Media Haters

Daisy Kent returned to her hometown in Minnesota to watch the Bachelor episode with her family. She called them the “most supportive people” in her life.

While she gets a lot of love from Bachelor Nation fans, there are always haters. The 25-year-old said she knew what she was getting into by joining the popular TV show but didn’t quite understand how passionate Bachelor Nation fans are.

“Didn’t realize how crazy some people be online,” Daisy said about some of the feedback she’s received on social media.


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Her followers took to the comments to show their support.

  • Team Daisy ALL the way
  • You are just so classy. A breath of fresh air.
  • so…. Joey might as well just propose to her now to make the world happy
  • I can’t imagine how it is to read negative comments. People forget you are human and have feelings.
  • Awww I totally hear you! It’s really sad when you have to see read not nice comments and all the negatively that out there on the internet. Not to fun. It’s hurts me to see you ladies and joey get such crazy and negative comments.
  • I don’t think I could watch it after all said and done. It would bring back to many memories. Props to you to stay strong to watch it.

What do you think about all that Daisy said? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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