When Will ‘Bachelor’ Season 28 Finale Air?

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Time flies when you’re having fun making out with multiple women! Believe it or not, there are just a handful of episodes left for Joey Graziadei to find a wife. When does the Season 28 Bachelor finale air? Mark your calendars with these important dates.

How Many Episodes Left In Season 28?

Joey Graziadei’s hopeful journey to finding his wife began airing on January 22. ABC aired episodes on both Monday and Tuesday last week. After the trip to Spain, just ten women remain.

That number will decrease significantly after the February 19th episode. The remaining women and Joey head to Montreal, Canada, in the episode airing tonight.

So, how many episodes remain? The U.S. Sun reports that there are just five episodes left in Season 28 after tonight. According to the outlet, The Bachelor will air every Monday from now until the finale without any breaks.

When Will The Women Tell All?

One of the most highly anticipated episodes aside from the finale is the Women Tell All special. Rejected contestants reunite to hash out their differences and share what they’ve learned from the reality TV experience.

The episode is often intermingled with the hometown dates and the reveal of the final two after Joey sends one woman home. According to blogger Reality Steve, the Women Tell All tapes at the beginning of March.

It will reportedly air on March 18, 2024. The network may use the opportunity to announce the next Bachelorette.

Bachelor Season Finale Airdate

As we approach the Bachelor finale, viewers are full of anticipation, ready to witness the final rose ceremony and the hopeful promise of a lasting relationship. The finale will be a television event that will captivate millions, drawing them into the intimate moments that define the franchise as a cultural phenomenon.

Whether it will follow the recent trend of proposals or take a different turn remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the finale is an event not to be missed. Previous finales have reached millions, with the Golden Bachelor finale achieving over 6 million viewers, the biggest audience in nearly three years.

Watch the Bachelor Season 28 finale on ABC at 8 PM Eastern on March 25 to see the culmination of another season’s journey to love.

Are you excited to watch the rest of Joey’s journey? Do you think one of his contestants will be the next Bachelorette? The network recently announced Season 21 will air this summer, followed by the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette.

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