Jesse Palmer Impresses ‘Bachelor’ Joey’s Ladies Speaking French

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The Bachelor Joey Graziadei and his remaining ladies are heading to Montreal, Canada after a week in Spain. After this week the number of women left will go from ten to six. In the meantime, Jesse greets the ladies upon their arrival and impresses them with French. What happened and what can fans expect this coming Monday? Keep reading to find out more.

Jesse Palmer impresses ladies in Canada

People shared a clip of Jesse Palmer greeting the ladies in Montreal, Canada. Jesse says, “As some of you may know, I’m Canadian. And I am so proud to call Montreal my second home. I’m sure you probably already know that the official language in the beautiful province of Quebec where you’re standing right now is French.”

Then, Jesse really impressed them all when he started speaking French and began talking to Jess and Jenn. They had no clue what he was saying though.

Jenn did chime in and say, “When I was studying abroad, I learned how to say, ‘I’m not wearing any underwear,’ but I don’t know that one anymore.”

Maria Georgas is Canadian as well and is happy to be in her home country. One of her new enemies, Lea Cayanan, is also excited to be in Canada. She has big plans. She wants to drink maple syrup, try their unique bacon and ride a moose.


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What will happen in Canada?

During their time in Canada, Joey Graziadei and his ladies will have another fun week of dates and get to know each other more. There will be one group date and two one-on-one dates this week. Four of the women will be eliminated leaving only six left by the end of the episode.

The group will remain in Canada for the following week just moving on to Jasper/Alberta. During this week, fans will find out which four ladies will get hometown dates with Joey.

Hopefully, fans will also see the villains of the season leave and then everyone can focus on finding love with Joey.

Who do you want to see eliminated over the next few weeks?

Joey Graziadei and even Jesse Palmer have teased an ending like fans have never seen. What could this possibly be?

Do you think he will get engaged at the end or leave alone?

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t miss The Bachelor continue his journey on Monday nights on ABC.

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