Did Fans Catch Daisy Kent Wearing An Engagement Ring?

Daisy Kent via INsta 4

Fans have been digging and trying to figure out who Joey Graziadei will pick on The Bachelor. In doing so they look for any clue they can to try and find out. Right now, it seems that fans are torn between two of the ladies as possible winners. Now, in digging deep, fans dissected an Instagram post from Daisy Kent that has them pondering if she was sporting an engagement ring. Was she? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Did Fans Catch Daisy Kent Wearing An Engagement Ring?

Fans have been trying hard to figure out who Joey Graziadei gives his final rose to on The Bachelor. They are especially curious since a new development could possibly prove that Reality Steve’s spoiler may be wrong.

Originally, Steve shared that Joey chose Daisy Kent and is engaged to her. However, new evidence has surfaced that seems to put Joey and Kelsey Anderson together during a safe house visit. Photos were taken from each of their TikToks that seem to be from the same location.

Now, this new post Daisy has on Instagram has fans wondering again if she really is the winner. She posted the video for National Margarita Day. She is in a car and says it’s margarita day and also thirsty Thursday. Daisy captioned the post, “I dont make the rules #nationalmargaritaday”

When she lifted her hand to pull her sunglasses down to reveal her eyes while she spoke, fans noticed something on her finger.

A woman with blonde hair dancing with a man with curly brown hair
Daisy Kent and Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

Everyone instantly went to the comments to debate what they saw.

  • One fan said, “Ok, we just saw your engagement ring!!! 💍 ❤😂”
  • Another fan said, “I genuinely wonder if producers are making the top 2 post suspicious context on purpose to confuse us 🤣😅”
  • Still, another fan noted, “That’s her right hand.”
  • Someone else said, “if you look at Joeys clips of the finale, the engagement ring band looks the same.”


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A post shared by Daisy Kathryn Rae Kent (@daisyykent)

Other fans thought differently

While fans did jump to the conclusion that Daisy Kent was wearing an engagement ring, others tried to prove the theory wrong. Some noted that the winner is not allowed to wear their ring until the finale. Others noted the ring had no diamonds and they had seen her wear it in other posts.

Most likely this was not an engagement ring at all. Daisy would not be allowed to have her ring unless they were in the privacy of their safe house visit location and then not until the finale.

What do you think of the clip? Is it just an everyday ring she wears?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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