Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Out On Wendy Williams’ Diagnosis

Whoopi Goldberg - YouTube, The View

Whoopi Goldberg opened up about her thoughts regarding Wendy Williams’ recently publicized diagnosis on The View. Wendy’s niece, Alex Finnie, was a guest on the show Thursday. After hearing from Alex, Whoopi took a few moments to address the audience regarding Wendy’s diagnosis. Continue reading to see what she has to say.

Alex Finnie Shares Details About ‘Limited Contact’ With Wendy

Alex Finnie joined the panelists on The View to talk about the upcoming Lifetime documentary that follows her aunt through some of the most difficult moments in her life. However, Alex and her family have not had much contact with Wendy Williams leading up to the premiere of the docuseries.

“It’s been limited,” she shared with the women on The View. “I finally got some sort of a response not too long ago, but it has been a big problem for the family in terms of just Can we get an update on how she’s doing?”

Last year, Wendy Williams was placed in an assisted living facility. In 2022, her bank accounts were frozen by Wells Fargo, and the former talk show host was placed under temporary financial guardianship. This was the result of a petition by a financial advisor. According to Alex Finnie, there was little to no consultation with Wendy’s family over the matter.

Alex Finnie - YouTube, The View

Image: YouTube/The View

The family has also been blocked from being able to contact Wendy Williams. She is permitted to call them when she wants to, but the numbers are hidden and her family has no clue where she is or how to get in touch with her if they want to.

Her niece shared that the last time they spoke on the phone it was a conversation that lasted four hours and 37 minutes. “I hadn’t heard from her in months…and I felt that if (we) got off the phone I didn’t know when I’d hear from her again,” she told Whoopi Goldberg and the other panelists.

Whoopi Goldberg Shares Wendy Williams’ Diagnosis With Audience

When it comes to how her aunt is doing, Alex said, “She sounds really good. I haven’t seen her, but we were able to have a full conversation. She’s excited about her future, she talks about the possibility of getting back to work, but like I always remind her first and foremost is your health.

“If you’re healthy and you’re happy you can do whatever you want to do in terms of your career, but like I always say to her, if you just want to sit in a lawn chair and just bask in the sun for the rest of your days you can do that, because you’ve earned that.”

During the initial interview with Alex Finnie, none of the ladies on The View discussed Wendy’s official diagnosis. It was likely that it had not yet been released at the time. However, before the show ended, Whoopi Goldberg shared the breaking news.

Whoopi Goldberg - YouTube, The View

Image: YouTube/The View

“We wanted to update you on some news that has just broke concerning Wendy Williams,” she said to the camera before the episode ended. “Wendy and her care team just released a statement that she’s been diagnosed with primary aggressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. Our hearts go straight out to her.” At the time, there were no additional details to share about Wendy’s diagnosis.

She concluded by saying, “We want to say thank you for watching and thank you all for coming. Count your blessings.” 

The news regarding Wendy Williams’ diagnosis broke halfway through Thursday’s episode of The View, which is filmed live Monday through Friday.

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