‘The Cleaning Lady’ Viewers Rage Over Schedule Change

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The Cleaning Lady fans have a few questions for producers at Fox after the show hasn’t aired any new episodes recently. It was announced that there would be no new episode this week and the network urged viewers to watch Season 3 on Hulu. However, fans are raging about the schedule changes and want to know when there will be a new episode. Keep reading to find out when The Cleaning Lady will return to television.

No New Episodes Of The Cleaning Lady 

Fans have been disappointed about not seeing a new episode of The Cleaning Lady. The last new episode aired on April 16, leaving viewers in the dark as to when they can expect the show to make a return.

An Instagram page for the show shared several photos from the series with news that the show would be taking a break before the Season 3 final episodes aired. Viewers were furious and took to the comment section, demanding to know why the show wasn’t going to be on.

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“Why is the cleaning Lady not gonna be on tomorrow?” one fan asked in the comments. “We want more please. I hope they start filming new season,” a second person wrote. “Dammit I was looking forward to it,” a third fan chimed in. “What happened no more shows why,” a fourth person demanded to know why. “Sigh please hurry up and come back,” another person pleaded in the comments.

Like many other shows this year, The Cleaning Lady was impacted by the strikes in Hollywood. So, it had a shorter season than usual. Several viewers asked that more behind-the-scenes content be shared while they await the show’s return.

Fans Mourn The Loss Of Adan Canto

Viewers have had plenty to be upset about during this season of The Cleaning Lady. Earlier this month, a tribute at the end of one episode left fans sobbing.

The series killed off a fan-favorite character after his death in real life. Adan Canto, 42, died in January after a private battle with appendiceal cancer. His character, Arman Morales, made his final appearance on The Cleaning Lady on April 9.

The Cleaning Lady Adan Canto - YouTube/FOX

On the show, Arman Morales was captured during a botched drug deal. His family found him and the vehicle that was used to kidnap him in the desert. There was a huge shootout involving Arman’s kidnappers, and it had a devastating end. The car that carried Arman went over a cliff and fans assumed that everyone in the vehicle died.

That episode ended with a flashback of Adan Canto’s character on the show in Season 1. After the flashback scene, the show shared a tribute slide before the credits rolled. It read, “In Loving Memory of Adan Canto.”

Canto died on January 8, 2024. He appeared in 25 episodes of The Cleaning Lady and was a fan favorite on the show.

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