Wendy Williams Shocking Health Update 2024

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The Wendy Williams Show ran for 13 years, and she was a complete success as far as talk show viewers could tell. That is, until the last few years revealed her struggle. Forgetting names and faces, she battled COVID and Graves’ Disease. Once, she said that she only knew “how to be famous.” However, as much as she tries, she can’t seem to make a comeback. Is she getting any better in 2024?

Wendy Williams Has A Docuseries Coming Out Soon

Lifetime’s docuseries arrives in two parts on February 24 and 25. If you haven’t seen the trailer for it, you can watch it further down in this article. It covers most of the stories that emerged since the start of her slide into obscurity, extreme debt, and suspected alcohol abuse. Then, there was the alienation of her dad. In fact, her brother Tommy called her out recently for snubbing him on his birthday.

The Wendy Williams Show - Happier Days - YouTube
The Wendy Williams Show – Happier Days – YouTube

Where Is Wendy Williams? shows some difficult scenes. Shady friends, a fractured family, and deep debt don’t make for easy viewing. It was Today host, Hoda Kotb who warned talk show viewers that the docuseries by Lifetime is “hard to watch.” From having the world at her feet, she seemed to have lost everything. From money to family, friends, and even fans. But the docuseries filmed for more than just a few months, so people wonder if she’s any better in 2024.

How Is The Talk Show Host Now?

InTouch Weekly revealed that they spoke exclusively with a source who seems to know where the famous talk show host is at right now. The information will probably sadden many fans.

It’s sad. Wendy went from being his outspoken, lively character, ready to take on the world, to becoming a shell of the person she once was.

Where Is Wendy Williams - Lifetime Docuseries - YouTube
Where Is Wendy Williams? – Lifetime Docuseries – YouTube

Wendy Williams struggled with no money, and a judge declared her broke. The news arrived that her accounts were frozen to prevent exploitation of the talk show host. Guardianship gets looked at, and so do hangers-on and dodgy friends in the docuseries. Her ex, Kevin wanted more money from her, but it’s just gone. So, he had to sell his home in Florida.

Certainly, it seems like a tragic tale. Bring your popcorn, but you might want a box of tissues with you if you watch the docuseries on Lifetime.

What are your thoughts? Are you sad because it seems that the famous woman isn’t getting any better? Does it break your heart to hear that she is “a shell of the person she once was?” Does it wrench your heart when you see her trying to act as if she has a future back on television? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your news about Wendy Williams.

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