‘Mama June’ Fans Balk At Alana Thompson’s Disrespect

Alana Thompson from Mama June on weTV, sourced from YouTube

Mama June viewers feel shocked and appalled at the family’s blatant display of disrespect during Alana Thompson’s graduation episode.

Over the years, the family has developed a reputation for being a little on the rough side. But audiences really thought the family pushed a mishap a little too far, especially Alana.

Keep reading to see what everyone is talking about.

Viewers Think Alana Thompson Was Needlessly Rude To Aunt Doe Doe

Since Alana Thompson and her family made their debut on reality television, they’ve brought their larger-than-life personalities along with them. Some viewers adore the family’s wild antics while others find them incredibly rude and uncouth.

Regardless, there’s a lot of love in the family.

Alana Thompson from Mama June on weTV, sourced from YouTube
Mama June: Family Crisis/WEtv

However, plenty of viewers found the family’s behavior despicable during Alana’s graduation. Doe Doe Shannon missed the big event and her family didn’t react very well.

“Just curious – did anyone find it too harsh how they treated Doe Doe not going to the graduation?” one Redditor asked others on the forum this week. 

After viewing the episode, many others readily agreed. Viewers thought the family was particularly rude to Aunt Doe Doe, especially Alana.

Alana Thompson from Mama June on weTV, sourced from YouTube
Mama June: Family Crisis/WEtv

Comments included:

  • Yea I thought Alana was straight up disrespectful and I lived in the south so I’m surprised.”
  • “Doe Doe shows up & shows out for those girls, always has. I love her and I hate that they tried to make her look so bad for not attending Alana’s graduation.”
  • “Guess it’s true when the say ‘you’re never remembered for the good things you do but you’re never forgotten for the bad.’ Doe Doe has a life as well. The word doesn’t revolve around that disgusting family.”
  • Disgusting how Alana acted when Doe Doe came to see her with the gift. Rolling her eyes, making faces, throwing the gift onto the table carelessly and then leaving the house. It’s beyond rude but can we expect anything different?”

The Entitled Behavior Continues

This wouldn’t be the first time this season that fans expressed discontent with Alana’s onscreen behavior. The reality television star was less than thrilled with her graduation gift: a pink car. In fact, many viewers went on to say that Alana was spoiled and entitled after she said she really wanted an SUV instead.

Needless to say, she’s really left a sour taste in viewers’ mouths this season.

What did you think about Alana Thompson’s behavior during the graduation episode? Were she and the family right to be angry with Doe Doe, or did they completely mistreat her? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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