Witney Carson Dishes On Possible ‘DWTS’ Return

Witney Carson and her son Jet McAllister from Instagram

Will professional dancer Witney Carson ever return to Dancing With The Stars? 

The pro last competed in DWTS Season 31 where she teamed up with entertainer Wayne Brady. The pair came in third place that year and were remarkably popular with fans.

But in the Season 31 finale, Witney announced her second pregnancy. She opted to sit out Season 32 to focus on raising her two sons, which included a big move to Florida.

Life has been incredibly hectic, yet fulfilling, for Witney. So, will DWTS Season 33 be in the cards for her?

Witney Carson’s Family Takes Priority Over Ballroom Dance

As the mother of two sons, Witney Carson has her hands full pretty frequently. She and her husband Carson McAllister also recently moved their family to Florida, leaving behind their family in Utah.

In other words, the family has gone through several changes over the past year. And since the boys are still so young, Witney wants to spend as much time with them as possible.

Will a Dancing With The Stars return be possible?

Witney Carson with her sons Leo and Jet McAllister, from Instagram
Witney Carson/Instagram

It appears Witney is open to the possibility, but she’s not quite committed yet.

“Yes, I’m definitely open to it. I’m not a yes and I’m not a no,” the 30-year-old shared in a new interview with Kristyn Burtt. “I’m kind of like in-between where I could be swayed one or the other. It just really depends on where our life is in the moment. The show is always calling my name. I love it so, so much. No matter how many times I do it, I always want to go back. So, it’s not a no and it’s not a yes. So, we’ll see. I know that’s not the answer you want, but…”

One DWTS Employee Could Certainly Coax Her Back

Witney Carson’s fans would love to have her back in the ballroom. Although her decision largely depends on her family, she admitted Alfonso Ribeiro would be the one who could convince her to return.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor now cohosts the show with Julianne Hough. But he and Witney Carson brought home the Mirrorball Trophy in Season 19 almost 10 years ago. The two went on to develop a life-long friendship.

“It’s so much fun to be with him, and he gives me little tidbits and encouragement,” Witney shared. “It feels like more of a family. I mean, it already was a family, but the fact that he is the host and running things just feels like a warm hug.”

Do you think Witney Carson will return to Dancing With The Stars this fall? Share your own opinions in the comments.

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