‘DWTS’ Rylee Arnold Opens Up About Battling Long-Term Illness

Rylee Arnold from Instagram

Rylee Arnold is the youngest professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars, but she’s already had her share of hurdles. When the Utah native was only 15 years old, she received a diagnosis that would change her life forever.

She still struggles with it from time to time but manages it effectively. On the anniversary of her diagnosis, she’s sharing more about her story with fans.

Rylee Arnold Felt Determined To Keep Dancing, No Matter What

Dealing with a chronic illness at a young age is incredibly difficult. But through proper treatment and support from loved ones, Rylee Arnold manages her diagnosis effectively.

Rylee Arnold from Instagram
Rylee Arnold/Instagram

Those who have followed the Arnold family for years are well aware of Rylee’s battle with Type 1 diabetes. It was an incredibly scary chapter for her family as they struggled for answers. Three years later, the Utah teen is thriving and well.

It’s been three years since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Although it was one of the hardest times in my life and one of the biggest learning curves for me, I’m incredibly grateful for the strength it has given me!” Rylee shared with her Instagram followers. She goes on to describe how receiving the diagnosis was frightening, but she didn’t want it to interfere with her dreams. 

Rylee Arnold from Instagram
Rylee Arnold/Instagram

In several of her attached images, fans can spot a continuous glucose monitoring device on her body.

Type 1 has taught me so much about myself and how I can also be a huge advocate to so many with Type 1 as well,” she continued. “I hope I can be an inspiration to so many of you and I just want you guys to know that nothing can ever stop you from achieving your dreams. You might have some bumps and challenges along the way but they only make you so much stronger!! Love you all 🩷🩷🩷”


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Fans Respond To The Dancer’s Vulnerable Post

Rylee’s fans, friends, and family members flooded the comments section to cheer her on.

“Rylee you handle adversity with so much maturity and grace❤️❤️” her mother Mindy Arnold wrote. “I remember your first words after being diagnosed was ‘will I still be able to dance?’ Well look at you now!!!! Your future is so bright shine your light baby girl 💗”

Fans shared encouraging words with Rylee, including:

  • You’ve got a tiny 8 year-old Type 1 fan over here! Thank you for inspiring her!”
  • As a fellow Type 1 of 23 years, I am beyond proud of you. It’s a lot of work but man you are killing it! 💙💙💙”
  • ROLE MODEL! You’ve had the most incredible year but you handle everything with such grace and bravery. I wanna be you when I grow up, the future is so bright for you Ry🤍🪩”

Did you know Rylee Arnold lives with Type 1 diabetes? What do you think of her journey as a professional dancer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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