15-Year-Old Triston Harper Wows ‘American Idol’ Judges

Triston Harper

American Idol contestants can not get much younger than Triston Harper. They also can not get much more country than this 15-year-old singer. Both of those things had an impact on the American Idol judges and they all three voted to give him a golden ticket to Hollywood.

What Is Triston Harper’s Story?

Despite only being 15 years old, Triston Harper has quite the life story already. This young man spent most of his life in McIntosh, Alabama. The young singer was surrounded by his family. He was also part of a very close-knit Choctaw tribal members. He explained how life in a small town comes with its own “ups and downs.”

One of Triston Harper’s “downs” was when he was only 11 years old. This was when he and his mother found themselves homeless, living on the streets in Arkansas. Sadly, they had to leave his beloved McIntosh, Alabama due to an abusive stepfather. He admitted this was when “everything, it went sideways.”

Thankfully, they were able to contact his grandfather who, according to Harper, drove without stopping, to come get them. Because of his grandfather, Triston Harper and his mother are both back in their hometown.

Triston’s Song Choice

Triston Harper chose to sing Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up.” Lionel Ritchie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry, the American Idol judges were blown away by his voice. All three of them voted to give him the opportunity to compete in Hollywood.

Despite loving his voice and his song choice, Triston Harper’s performance was not perfect. “You were so authentic, so connected to yourself, singing from your soul,” Katy Perry told the young man. “It wasn’t perfect, but it resonated with me. It was really good.” She went on to say she was “impressed.”

Country music superstar Luke Bryan went a little further and mentioned Triston Harper did have some technical issues. “Anything that you’re doing technically-wise is because you’re fifteen. I could have an afternoon with you and say ‘Don’t do that anymore!’ Just like ‘Don’t do those two things,’ and man,” Luke Bryan explained, unable to finish his thought.

Could Triston Harper Be The Next American Idol Winner?

Based on the three American Idol judge’s reactions, they very well could have heard this season’s winner on the show’s first round of auditions. “My mama wanted us to be something,” Triston Harper explained. “That’s why I got into music.” Based on his performance, this young man’s “mama” just might get what she wants for her son.

Tell us what you think. Did you see Triston Harper’s American Idol audition? What did you think of his voice and song choice? Were you as impressed by this young man as the judges were? Do you see Luke Bryan mentoring Triston Harper, helping him with the technical issues with his singing? Sound off in the comment section below.


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