Luke Bryan Reveals ‘American Idol’ Gets It Wrong

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Luke Bryan is coming clean about what he has learned about American Idol since he became a judge on the megahit reality competition television show. The “Someone Else Calling You Baby” singer has been a judge on American Idol now for several years. He is starting to see how the show does not always get it right and how the best singers do not always win. 

The Perfect Example Of American Idol Being Wrong

Lainey Wilson is the perfect example of American Idol being wrong. She auditioned for the show several times, seven times to be exact. Despite that, the multiple Grammy winner never earned her “golden ticket” to Hollywood.

It is unbelievable the “Heart Like A Truck” singer never made it to the American Idol stage in Hollywood. Despite that, Lainey Wilson was still able to make it big in country music. She has won several different country music awards, two Grammys and has a fanbase as big as any other country music megastar.

Luke Bryan Was Shocked American Idol Rejected Lainey Wilson 

It wasn’t until recently Luke Bryan found out country music superstar and fan favorite, Lainey Wilson, had been rejected by American Idol. “I didn’t know that, that was the first time I heard that, but I’ll go see my producers today and find out what happened,” Bryan said when he first learned about Wilson’s experiences with American Idol

Luke Bryan went on to admit that Lainey Wilson not earning her golden ticket to Hollywood  proved “we don’t always get it right.” 


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How Does American Idol Get It Wrong?

When it comes to American Idol getting it wrong and not allowing true talent to get to the Hollywood stage, there are too many reasons (and excuses) they don’t always get it right. It is possible the judges are having a bad day. It could be late in the judges bad day and they just want to call it a night. Maybe the performers are also having a bad day. The possibilities are endless. Despite that, it is hard to believe any of those reasons could possibly apply to Lainey Wilson. Talent like hers should be immediately recognized by anyone who hears her sing. Sadly, it wasn’t for some reason. 

Luke Bryan is probably wondering how American Idol can get it so wrong. Like the rest of the world, he is curious how many great singers never make it to Hollywood week on American Idol and get their chance in one of the world’s largest talent searches. There is no way to ever know how they can get it wrong or how many times they have gotten it wrong in the past.

“I’m glad she didn’t take the Idol letdown to heart,” Luke Bryan said, referring to Lainey Wilson’s many rejections from American Idol. There is no doubt Lainey Wilson fans and fans of country music in general feel the same way he does.    

Tell us what you think. Did you know American Idol rejected Lainey Wilson seven times? What can Luke Bryan and the other judges do to not let other potential Grammy winners slip through the cracks? Why are those singers slipping through the cracks? How many other country singers do you think missed their chance at becoming a superstar because American Idol rejected them? Sound off in the comment section below.    

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