‘RHOBH’ Fans Sickened By Erika Jayne’s Victim Meet-Up

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RHOBH fans are sickened by Erika Jayne’s meet-up with the victims of her estranged husband’s crimes. The performer had a chance to show how much she cared. She was the subject of a Hulu documentary but sadly, she did not gain any fans. In fact, it seemed she failed to win anyone over. Read on for more details.

RHOBH Fans Sickened By Erika Jayne’s Victim Meet-Up

After Erika Jayne filed for divorce from her husband of over twenty years, Tom Girardi, the truth came out about him. Unfortunately, he was stealing from his clients, embezzling millions of dollars from victims but he had also gone broke. More so, he was struggling with memory loss and claimed he did not know where the money went. As for Erika, she was implicated as she was his wife, and nothing quite added up.

Tom Girardi & Erika Jayne [Bravo | YouTube]
Tom Girardi & Erika Jayne [Bravo | YouTube]
On RHOBH, her co-stars questioned if she had any empathy for the victims This was especially prevalent when she was fighting to keep her $750K diamonds. She said it would be handled in court and she also claimed she was a victim, too. Erika has since met with the victims which was shown in the documentary The Housewife & The Hustler 2: The Reckoning. This is the sequel to part one which is explored what Tom Girardi did to all of his victims. They even interviewed some of the families.

From the beginning, Erika Jayne came in and admitted she had seen the documentary but had no idea who she was speaking with. That was a sour start.

Erika’s behavior while meeting the victims is very telling. What are your thoughts?
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Fans have had an equally unsettling reaction, per a Reddit thread:

  • This is why I will never buy her redemption tour that she’s trying to push on to the audience this season.
  • Erika is a disgusting human being.
  • It was foul. She doesn’t demonstrate any sense of empathy. There is only a black, gaping hole where a soul should be.

The Spinoff

Some were shocked that Erika Jayne had gotten a spinoff on Bravo after what happened. Her Las Vegas residency and how she prepped for it will air on March 6th. Yet, the lack of remorse she showed was oozing out in the documentary. So, even if fans started to like her on Season 13 of RHOBH, this Hulu doc changed everything. One follower said this:

  • It was so gross and entitled. She didn’t even try to show sympathy. And later when she said she’d do what she could to help them…so how about giving them some of the money you got from them? Sell your clothes, your jewels and give it to them? Oh no? Yeah, she is a nasty person.

Have you seen the documentary? Did it change your opinion on her or is this the Erika Jayne you’ve always known? Let us know and watch RHOBH Wednesdays on Bravo.

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