Tom Girardi’s First Wife Negotiates $200K Settlement

Tom Girardi [Bravo | YouTube]

Tom Girardi’s first wife negotiate a $200k settlement. This comes amid his ongoing embezzlement case with his ex-wife Erika Jayne. The estranged spouses allegedly used the funds meant for Tom’s former clients to support their lavish lifestyle. A surprising twist has come out of this legal drama. Keep on reading to learn more.

Who is Tom Girardi’s first wife?

Karen Weitzul is Tom Girardi’s first wife. They married in August 1964. Karen filed for divorce in October 1983. The two first at Loyola High School in Los Angeles where they fell in love. In 1961, Tom received his undergraduate degree from Loyola Marymount University.

He went on to study for his JD at Loyola Law School. This was the start of his journey to becoming Hollywood’s former hotshot attorney. Karen lives in Pasadena. In August 2020, she filed court papers, accusing him of neglecting to pay her the money she was entitled to when they settled their divorce in 1989.

Tom Girardi & Erika Jayne [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
Per Radar Online, Tom Girardi was expected to pay $10,000 each month after their divorce. He requested that the amount would go down to $5,000 in February 2020. Tom was unsure of “paying and felt it was long enough.”

According to the latest court records obtained by, the trustee that proceeds over Tom Girardi’s involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy revealed that Karen reached an agreement with the court. She negotiated a $200,000 settlement. Attorney Ronald Richards shared the news on Twitter back in June.

This means that she relinquished any of her future claims for financial assistance from her first husband as part of her $200,000 settlement. Tom Girardi can’t afford to pay any more people. He claims that he’s in financial trouble with his former creditors and legal clients. Many have also accused him of owing them up to millions of dollars. In late 2020, Tom had to file for bankruptcy around the time that Erika Jayne filed for divorce.

What about Erika Jayne?

Fans are wondering what’s the latest update with Tom Girardi’s other ex-wife, Erika Jayne. She was recently grilled under oath in the $25 million bankruptcy lawsuit. It revealed that she should return the money that Tom’s law firm spent on her company.

According to the court documents obtained by Radar Online, Tom Girardi’s now-defunct law firm Girardi Keese is aware of this latest development. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star denied any knowledge of Tom’s illegal business and financial dealings.

Tom Girardi & Erika Jayne [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
The trustee has been working to get back the money to owe Tom Girardi’s creditors, which include the orphans and widows a part of the Lion Air crash. The trustee filed a $25 million lawsuit against Erika Jayne. They demand that she owes back the money that the former law firm spent on her company, EJ Global.

What are your thoughts on Tom Girardi’s former wife negotiating a $200,000 settlement? Does this surprise you? What do you think Erika Jayne should do? Sound off below in the comment section.

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