‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards Terrifies Mackenzie With Dire Threat

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A year ago, Ryan Edwards was about to be arrested after Mackenzie Edwards filed a protection order against him. At the time, MTV fans heard that Ryan Edwards allegedly attacked the Teen Mom star, and threatened her with a knife. As it went down in front of the kids, it seemed very scary. Now, she alleged that he threatened her with weapons and it sounded deadly serious if true.

Mackenzie Edwards Gets A Huge Scare Calls The Cops

In the past, the Teen Mom star displayed aggressive behavior, and he has been arrested numerous times because of his drug addiction. He’s been in a halfway house, and fans fear that one day, the MTV character might hurt someone badly. In November last year, he was allegedly involved in a brawl in a bar and bouncers tossed him out. That came just a short time after driving under the influence, which didn’t impress the judge.

Ryan Edwards clearly has a very troubled life. However, it seems that he terrified Mackenzie so much, that she fears for her life. Last year, it seemed that Mackenzie decided she’d try and reconcile with her man. However, he had threatened her, and he was found in possession of a weapon. So, Teen Mom fans thought she lost her mind. Now, more trouble came along and it seemed scary, so she called the cops.

Ryan Edwards Terrifies Mackenzie

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that at the end of January, the cops were called by Mackenzie. Allegedly, he wanted a computer cord from her home, and she wanted the police there in case something went wrong. He also advised them why he was going. The outlet explained that things started getting nasty after he left with the police officer.

Teen Mom - Mackenzie Edwards - Instagram
Teen Mom – Mackenzie Edwards – Instagram

The police officer later revealed in court that Ryan Edwards allegedly threatened Mackenzie.

Shortly after Ryan and I left the residence, Mackenzie called back in advising Ryan texted her threatening messages. Mackenzie advised Ryan sent her a message stating, ‘You’re going to be hard-pressed to find another place to live and no one is going to survive anything.”

For some reason, the Teen Mom character seems to think that she has his weapons in her home, but she doesn’t. Naturally, she’s terrified that he will come and leave nobody alive “to survive.” It’s gotten so bad that she keeps her own “carry pistol” with her. Seeing he’s moved on with another woman, it seems strange that he would obsess over Mackenzie. But then, MTV fans saw his addictions drive him to act aggressively at times.

What are your thoughts about the alleged threats by Ryan Edwards to use a weapon and nobody will survive? Do you believe that he’s becoming too dangerous to roam the streets? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Teen Mom news. 

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