‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards’ Girlfriend Was On Jerry Springer

Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards has started publicly dating a woman named Amanda Conner. He met Amanda, 33, while the two of them were participating in a rehab program over the summer. Now, fans have uncovered some shocking details about Ryan’s new girlfriend’s past, including a past appearance on Jerry Springer. Continue reading to learn more about her rocky past.

Amanda Conner’s Appearance on Jerry Springer

Amanda Conner appeared on Jerry Springer on October 29, 2010, and went by the name “Mandi.” According to Jerry’s synopsis before bringing her on stage, Mandi just learned that her best friend was sleeping with her boyfriend.

When she came out, Mandi shared that she and her boyfriend had been together “on and off” since the time she was 13. The now 20-year-old said that she was trying to make things work with her man, Jesse. However, she had made a big mistake recently.

“Two months ago, we broke up because he was smothering me. I moved to Florida and I made a mistake. I got married and divorced within the same month,” she shared with Jerry and the audience. The host said that it seemed like it could be reasonable for her boyfriend to move on, considering she’d left and gotten married. Although it was her best friend, it didn’t seem unfair.

YouTube, The Jerry Springer Show

Image: YouTube/The Jerry Springer Show

“Not with my man. I’m the boss of him. He doesn’t sleep with nobody but me,” a possessive Amanda replied. “Even when I’m married to someone else.”

Amanda then proceeded to tell the audience that she returned to get Jesse back, but then she found out that he slept with her best friend. Of course, in true Jerry Springer style, her best friend joined her on the stage.

The two women almost immediately started fist-fighting on stage. Cursing at each other, Amanda and her friend had to be held back by security from the show.

When Jesse appeared on stage, things took yet another turn. “I’m not allowed to be with nobody when we’re not together? It seems unfair on my part. You treat me like s**t,” he told Amanda. The two women came to blows a few more times before Jesse and Amanda left together.

Teen Mom Fans Disgusted With Ryan Edwards’ New Girlfriend

Now, Amanda Conner is somewhat in the spotlight again as she enters a relationship with Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards. The pair met at Oasis halfway house after attending rehab over the summer.

Teen Mom fans were quick to point out some of the unsavory things in her past. Sharing a TikTok video discussing Amanda’s appearance on Jerry Springer to Reddit, people flocked to the comments to give their opinions on Ryan’s new beau.

Amanda Conner - Reddit

Image: Reddit

“This fucker needs a woman, the way I need an [aneurysm.] I don’t see him ever reaching sobriety,” one Teen Mom fan wrote. “How the hell does he even have a girlfriend??” another questioned. 

Overall, most people agreed that it was cringy and “embarrassing,” at the very least.

Getting involved with someone while in rehab is not a good idea. I doubt he was entirely focused on his recovery and aftercare,” one person wrote, seemingly concerned for Ryan Edwards’ sobriety. Another person agreed, pointing out that many rehab programs don’t allow dating, but it still happens. 

What do you think about the Teen Mom star’s new girlfriend and her past? Let us know in the comments below.

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