Should Theresa Nist Reconsider Marrying Gerry Turner?

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: Instagram

Theresa Nist is weeks away from marrying Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner, but should she reconsider? Keep reading for some of the reasons she might want to cancel the wedding.

Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist Come Out Of Hiding

The Golden Bachelor season finale was televised on November 30, but Gerry Turner had made his choice weeks before that. As Bachelor Nation fans know, the lead and their final choice have to keep their relationship a secret until it’s exposed on the last episode of the season.

That doesn’t mean the couples don’t see each other during that time. They have secluded meetups far away from the public eye.

Now that Theresa Nist has been revealed as Gerry Turner’s Final Rose winner and fiance, they aren’t hiding their love anymore.

They both posted photos together on their social media. Nist wrote that they were both happy “not to do the interviews alone anymore.”

Credit: Theresa Nist Instagram
Credit: Theresa Nist Instagram

Soon Nist and Turner will exchange vows, and everyone has an invite.

The Golden Wedding will air live on ABC on Thursday, January 4, 2024, at 8 PM Eastern. But should Theresa Nist take a minute and reconsider marrying Gerry Turner?

Should Theresa Nist Reconsider Marrying Gerry Turner?

On November 29, The Hollywood Reporter published a scathing interview with an ex-girlfriend of Gerry Turner. In the bombshell piece, she detailed some serious red flags from the nearly three years they were together.

First of all, Turner claimed on the show that he hadn’t dated anyone seriously since his wife died in 2017. However, his relationship with the anonymous woman was so serious that she briefly moved into his home.

Furthermore, the woman alleged that their relationship ended after Gerry Turner refused to take her to his high school reunion because she had gained weight.

The Golden Bachelor doesn’t sound so golden anymore.

At the very most, Bachelor Nation fans think Theresa Nist should get an ironclad prenup, but should she reconsider marrying Gerry Turner entirely? Beverly Hills forensic psychiatrist Carole Lieberman shared their thoughts with about potential red flags about Turner.

“Gerry Turner has more red flags than a used car lot on their biggest sale day!” she said about the reality star.

The first red flag is Gerry Turner’s awkward pause during his proposal to Theresa Nist. During the strange moment, Turner said something to the effect of not being able to live with Nist. Just as she thought she was getting the boot, he continued, “You are the person I can’t live without.”

According to the forensic psychiatrist, Turner’s first statement could be his unconscious feelings about not wanting to marry Nist.

The fact that Gerry Turner never mentioned his ex to Nist, Fhima, or any of the other women is another red flag.

The third possible reason Theresa Nist should reconsider marrying Gerry Turner is her own wealth. Several Golden Bachelor viewers believe he only expressed interest in Nist after finding out that she has a successful career as a day trader.

However, Turner himself said that he knew Nist was the one for him after their overnight Fantasy Suite days. While that may be a sweet sentiment to Turner, it’s a huge red flag to the psychiatrist.

A fifth red flag is Gerry Turner making plans for the future with Leslie Fhima.

Do you think Theresa Nist should hit the brakes on marrying Gerry Turner? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.

Stay tuned for updates on a possible Season 2 of Golden Bachelor.

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