Theresa Nist Dishes On Gerry’s Turner’s Long Pause During Proposal

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Fans saw Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner propose to Theresa Nist on the season finale of the show. He had her doubting she was the one at first when he took a long pause before popping out that he loved her. What does she think about this pause that caused a lot of talk? Keep reading to find out more.

Theresa Nist dishes on Gerry Turner’s long pause during her proposal

Entertainment Weekly shared what Theresa Nist thought about the long pause during her proposal that almost broke her heart. While proposing he paused for longer than he probably should have when he was telling her how he felt. In fact, his pause was so long that Theresa started to slink away a bit and think she wasn’t his final choice.

In this particular interview, she was asked how long she intends to make Gerry pay for that one. She said, “A long time! Oh my gosh, he’ll never be able to make up for that. I was slinking away, I was ready to go. It was bad, it was real, and it was a mistake.”

Gerry also chimed in saying, “The long pause on TV, however, was longer than the real-life pause.” She came back with it, “No, it wasn’t!” He then jokingly said, “I was hoping for something there.”

All is good now and the couple is happy and ready to get married. Their live wedding will air on ABC on January 4, 2024.

How do things stand with Kathy post-show

Theresa Nist also dished on where things stand with Kathy now that the show has stopped filming. Fans will remember that Kathy told Theresa to zip it when she felt like she was sharing too many private details about her time with Gerry Turner.

Theresa said that now things are good between them. They have spoken and have mended their differences. Theresa said it was really all just a big miscommunication.

Now, everyone is good. In fact, they all plan to get together soon and have some girl time. She also revealed that there is a group chat the ladies are all in and it’s great.

Theresa and Kathy via YOuTube

No doubt all these fabulous ladies will be attending the big wedding event.

Theresa and Gerry have already said their families will be involved in the wedding.

Are you excited to see the wedding? What did you think about the long pause during the proposal?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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