Judge Loses Patience Arrests Ryan Edwards Once Again

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Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom fame has been arrested once again. The Sun shared the details about what went down today in court causing him to go back to jail again. It seems like he can’t stay out of trouble.

Ryan Edwards Checks In At Court

The judge totally lost patience with Ryan Edwards today. Judge Gary Starnes was the judge at Hamilton County General Sessions Court today for Ryan. This was supposed to just be Ryan checking in for his DUI and possession charges. It turned into more than that, though. The District Attorney said, “”I would be interested to see if he could pass a drug screening. Last time was November 8, the same time he was released from Oasis [halfway house].” Ryan hadn’t been tested in almost a month.

Ryan was also late for his vivitrol shot that was scheduled for November 17. No word on why he didn’t get it done. This shot is used to block the effects of certain pain-killing drugs so that you don’t feel anything from them. It is supposed to help addicts to get better.

Judge Loses Patience With Ryan

The DA went on to explain what was going on with this shot and a brawl at a bar that Ryan got into recently. The vivitrol shot also helps with alcohol abuse. Here is what the DA said:

“The rehab representative believes it is way past overdue. That would correspond with his behavior at the bar. He was drug-screened yesterday. By Friday we will have those results back.

The state would ask he be taken into custody if he does not pass. He agreed to submit a report on his continuing care and follow-up. He hasn’t done it. If he does not do that by Friday and show he went to AA…. If he doesn’t go, if he fails drug screens, the state will file this petition.”

This really upset the judge that he hadn’t taken his shot. Ryan Edwards doesn’t seem to be taking his recovery seriously and that is a problem. The judge then said, “He’s going into custody. He was told to do it. My patience is gone. You had chance after chance after chance. The results will be back Friday.” Ryan asked to speak but the judge told him that he couldn’t. Instead, he got arrested and will be in jail until at least Friday when the results come back.


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