‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards Gets Ripped By Disgusted Judge

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter | Courtesy of MTV

While appearing in court for a speeding charge, Ryan Edwards got an earful from a Tennessee judge for showing a lack of remorse.

Update: On December 5, he was arrested again! Click here to read more. 

This year has certainly been a bumpy ride for the Teen Mom star. On October 7, Ryan Edwards was reportedly clocked going 145 MPH on his motorcycle inside a 65 MPH zone. That’s well over double the speed limit. The Teen Mom alum was busted by police near his parents’ home in Tennessee. In addition to speeding, Edwards was charged with “Failure to Exercise Due Care,” which is considered a Class C misdemeanor in Tennessee. Edwards was also slapped with a “Reckless Driving” charge as well. “Reckless Driving” is a Class B misdemeanor in the state.

Edwards’ recent run-in with the law comes just months after he had completed a lengthy rehab stay. Originally, Edwards was sentenced to serve a year-long prison sentence at Silverdale Detention Center in Tennessee. But after just 3 months, Edwards was permitted to head to rehab to address his history of drug abuse. Judge Gary Starnes expressed concern about Edwards’ past. “He’s going to need help with underlining things,” the judge said.

Edwards reported to the CADAS Rehab Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. CADAS is where Edwards met his most recent girlfriend, Amanda Conner.

Ryan Edwards Contentious Court Appearance

On Monday, November 6, Edwards once again appeared in court to account for the charges levied against him. “Why was he not taken to jail? It should’ve been reckless endangerment,” Hamilton County District Attorney Coty Wamp said of Edwards. I don’t think he’s ready to succeed on any probation. I expressed concern to CADAS that he is not ready to take probation or bond conditions seriously.”

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter | Courtesy of MTV
Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter | Courtesy of MTV

Despite Wamp’s apprehension over Edwards’ lack of consequences, the DA and Edwards’ legal team reached a plea deal.

“But taking the facts into consideration and the [rehab’s] report that would indicate Mr. Edwards is doing well, the State has made this agreement.” Wamp then steered her comments towards Edwards’ new relationship. “I believe Mr. Edwards has met a girlfriend at CADAS. We don’t take his progress seriously.”

Judge Displeased Over Ryan Edwards’ Most Recent Troubles

While speaking on the details laid out in the plea agreement, Judge Starnes made it known that Edwards was skating on thin ice. “I’m very hesitant to approve it. You going 145 in a 65 doesn’t show me remorse and the ignorance of doing something like that is beyond me. I don’t know how you didn’t kill somebody,” Judge Starnes said. “I don’t want to approve this. You have to give the court a comprehensive follow-up plan. There have been hiccups the entire world knows about.”

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter | Courtesy of MTV
Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter | Courtesy of MTV

“Continue what CADAS and Oasis [the halfway house] recommended. I don’t want him out there with no follow-up program. You have the ability to do this, but you need to make good decisions. Going 145 on a motorcycle is not a good idea. He has to follow this program’s recommendations.”

As the hearing came to an end, Judge Starnes offered Edwards one final piece of advice. “Mr. Edwards, we’ve gone over this many, many times. You have done well with the shots and CADAS treatments. You haven’t been good in your personal life. You’re looking at three years in custody. If you get on your motorcycle and decide you want to do it again, three years is a long time.”

As part of the plea agreement, Edwards will remain on Vivitrol injections, to curb drug cravings. Edwards also must pay a $465 fine, plus court costs. Additionally, Edwards had his license suspended for a year and must attend a DUI school.

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